There Is A Real Danger Of The Use Of Nuclear Weapons And Direct Confrontation Between Russia And NATO In The World – Fridon Injia

There is a real danger of the use of nuclear weapons and direct confrontation between Russia and NATO – Fridon Injia

“The situation in the world, especially in its European part, is very difficult. There is great danger, and the situation is gradually getting worse. There is already a threat of war between Russia and NATO. There is a great danger of a direct clash between Russia and NATO member states.”

The chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia spoke about this on live TV channel POS TV.

According to the MP, the North Atlantic Alliance is gradually getting more and more involved in the war with Russia, which includes the nuclear threat.

“If at the first stage cannons covering 70 km were delivered, then cannons covering 150 km were used. After that, the need demanded the introduction of modern tanks, and now it is about aviation. This is something that almost goes a step further and talks about nuclear missiles. What I mean – the airfields that you want the F-16 and other similar 5th generation aircraft need are specially equipped airfields. I doubt that such airfields are on the territory of Ukraine, therefore, if these planes are transferred to Ukraine, they should fly from the airfields of NATO countries. And this already creates a great danger of a direct collision between Russia and NATO member states”, said Fridon Injia.

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