Bugün Avrupa ve Amerika'daki Sözde Savaş Partisi Sadece Belirli Konularda Çalışmıyor, Aynı zamanda Güçlü. Amerika Birleşik Devletleri Yönetimini Spesifik Olarak Düşünecek Olursak, Bu Koşullar Ve Mevcut Siyasi Durumda Geçici Soruşturma Komisyonu Oluşturulmasının Gerçek Şansı Nedir?

📌 The so-called “war party” in Europe and America today not only works on certain issues, but is strong. If we specifically consider the administration of the United States of America, what is the real chance of creating a temporary investigative commission given these conditions and the current political situation?

📌 Was the start of the war in August 2008 not in the interests of certain forces, namely the United States of America and the West? such an opinion It has the right to exist even on a theoretical level.

📌 What can be the reaction of the current administration of the United States of America, or from the West, to the creation of a temporary parliamentary investigative commission regarding the events of the August 2008 war?

📍 The chairman of the political group “European Socialists” of the Parliament of Georgia Fridon Injia answers the most pressing questions about the creation of a temporary investigative commission regarding the events of the August 2008 war and current political issues in “Post Analytics”.

🔹“Certain politicians, or a political party in the United States of America, is clearly a war party that must decide everything by war.

🔹 Before that, the ambassadors of the United States of America spoke differently about the 2008 war. They have a completely different point of view and have much more information, and we will need their opinion to analyze what happened in 2008.

🔹 That’s why I’m not surprised. Today, the American ambassador to Georgia fulfills the task of the current American government.

🔹 I am sure that if the president of the United States of America had been someone else, even Trump, this controversy would not have been at this level. Today, not only Ukraine, but also Europe is in the most difficult situation, and these economic difficulties, which befell Europe, will become stronger and more acute.

🔹It is no coincidence that the German Chancellor is sometimes in China and sometimes in India. So is the French president. The leaders of the leading European countries arrive on official visits to different countries together with the heads of the largest corporations of world importance.

🔹What caused this? It is so difficult for Europe from the economic point of view that there have been no such visits by the leaders of European countries for the past ten years.

🔹 what does this mean? This means that it is not so easy to transfer all this, to help Ukraine, in different directions, with energy resources, or depending on the consumer basket. – Fridon Injia believes.

🔹In the program, the chairman of the political group also assessed the ruling party’s position regarding the creation of a temporary investigative commission regarding the events of August 2008.

🔹“As for the composition of the “Dream” party and the rhetoric of “People’s Power”, I would say that they lack severity, they do not tell the truth.

🔹 I can say the same about the two options of the draft law introduced by “People’s Power”, which will affect the activities of non-governmental organizations in Georgia.

🔹The first version of the draft law presented by “People’s Power” is very liberal and only informative. Moreover, I would say that this is a half-law that does not produce any results. Any law should be effective and should determine the rules of the game based on Georgia’s interests. I call on “people power” to withdraw the first law and leave the American version of the second project. – noted Fridon Injia.

🔹The deputy believes that if the American version of the draft law expresses and is consistent with the interests of Georgia as a state, it should be accepted by the legislative body without any questions, and therefore it is incomprehensible to send it to the Venice Commission.

🔹“Any law of the states included in the Venice Commission, which is valid and works in this or that country, must be accepted without any examination.

Regarding the “de-oligarchization” law that was sent to the Venice Commission, the difference is that the “de-oligarchization” law exists in Ukraine, but it does not exist in America. Here is the difference and I had nothing against it. However, I knew in advance that until it suits Ivanishvili, there will be no law.

🔹In this case, yes, this law works in a democratic country and it is not clear why it needs the approval of the Venice Commission. – said Fridon Injia.


According to the deputy, the main criticism of this draft law is heard from the representatives of non-governmental organizations, which only last year received funding in the amount of 200 million.

🔹“The question is which peasant or worker or employee will make a statement that we should not adopt this law, which is against the Constitution of Georgia, the interests of the state of Georgia.

🔹 I support this bill only and only because it is based on the interests of Georgia, because another country that invests 200 million in Georgia has its own interests, and I wonder if the country that spends such a large amount of money in my country has the same interests. the interests of my country? This is the main question.

🔹 Therefore, this very law will be a filter, a picture, whether it matches the interests of Georgia or not. All details are clearly spelled out in this law.” – said Fridon Injia.

🔹The deputy is sure that in case of creation of a temporary investigative commission, the conclusions of the commission will be useful for the “National Movement” itself and the parties under its wing.

🔹 In the program, Fridon Injia also commented on the recent assessments of political scientist Zaza Shatirishvili regarding the current political events in the country and noted that “whether the political scientist’s statements are guidelines or not, it is very important, especially for the government to draw appropriate conclusions and be ready for anything.”

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