Turn to the people and the interests of the country – Fridon Injia addressed the parliamentary majority

🔴 “Welcome colleagues. One of the important days is when the chairman of the parliament comes out with a report on what was done last year.

🔴 Parliament is one of the branches of the state authorities, which adopts the law. The main thing is that these laws are adopted based on the interests of the population and the country.

🔴 As an ordinary voter, I expect that a law will be passed in the parliament that will make my life easier.

🔴 As a mother with many children, I am waiting for the parliament to adopt a law that will help mothers with many children and make my life easier. Or I want to have a fourth child, or a fifth child… I’m waiting for a law that will give me some incentive to make a commitment to raise a child for the country.

🔴 As a parent of students, I want my child to study well, and for this, I want the parliament to adopt a law that will give more opportunities to the student to study well. For this, it is important that the state education system is more organized and stricter. Because my children do not get the knowledge that they could receive education in higher education institutions, including abroad. That is why I am forced to hire tutors and teach my children in addition. I am waiting for the adoption of such laws from the parliament that will help me in this matter.

🔴 As a voter, I am waiting for the adoption of such laws that will stabilize or limit the increase in prices. During this period, I received an increased pension and salary, but prices continue to rise and my standard of living remains the same. Now there was an announcement from the Prime Minister about regulation of profit margins from fuel companies, and I expect that the Parliament will pass a law that will oblige and require the government to regulate the prices of both food and petroleum products to a certain extent, which will give the means to set price limits. It will be fuel, electrical energy, or something else.

🔴 As a voter, I am waiting for the adoption of such a law from the parliament, which will allow me to choose the electricity supplier company at my discretion and not be dependent on one particular company, as is the case today with electricity, gas, and water. This is one of the most important issues adopted in Europe. We want to take everything good from Europe and we really do. I want everything good for my country.

🔴 I will return to the issue of a large family. I would like such a family to get one extra room. I am waiting for this and many other issues to be resolved from the Parliament.

🔴 One more issue. I am waiting for the parliament to pass such a law that my son, who went to military service, will get some benefits when he returns from the army. Benefits can be different. It could be study, it could be work. It will be an incentive and I will gladly send my son to the military. I want such a law to be adopted by the Parliament.

🔴 Our citizens are scattered all over the world. I want the parliament to adopt such a law that will make our citizens think and decide to return to Georgia.

🔴 Israel is an exemplary country for me. How the Israeli government gathers its citizens around the world into one fist. What kind of science does it have, what kind of army does it have, what kind of order does it have. The country, which was 3-4 million like ours, now has 7-8 million and is one of the countries to be reckoned with. We should also accept what is good, for example, Israel, China. Europe should not be a dogma. Integration in Europe is because I want my family to be satisfied with all the good things that a Georgian man dreams of.

🔴 Somewhere 200 or 300 laws were adopted. This is very good, but I did not see any law in these laws that would, for example, encourage our citizen in one of the high mountain villages for a better life and change his life, or the person standing in the city or in the market. There are many laws that we pass at the initiative of the government and they are correct. I agree with him because ultimately all laws must be enforced by the government.

🔴 But there are laws that will also encourage our population: defamation, insults, hooliganism on live broadcasts, treason and treasonous acts. Why can’t these laws be adopted? Which will make life easier for you, us and everyone. Power will be given, the state will be more protected.

🔴 The work of the Parliament of Georgia was quite busy during one year. There are many highly qualified members of parliament here; There is an economist, a lawyer, a doctor, an athlete, all the power is really in the parliament, and in one year, they spent more than half of their time on what? … One period on Charles Michel’s constitution, then on the 12-article tasks, and we moved on to the candidate’s status. At this time, we know well to look into the heart of what the candidate status gives? – you are welcome! And I will tell you even more, if the European Union or NATO needs us, they will accept us

Freedon injia


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