You Can Not Choose An Ambassador To France Who Does The Job Of The State If You Can Not Do The Job Go Home – Fridon Injia

“You can not choose an ambassador to France who is doing the job of the state… If you can not do the job, go home.”

As the Chairman of the Parliamentary Opposition Political Group stated at the sitting of the Committee, the inaction of the Ambassador of Georgia to France harms the affairs of the state, and the Foreign Ministry failed to ensure the selection of a new candidate for Ambassador.

“If you draw a conclusion from some of my questions, it will be good, because you will come to the parliament again and you will not speak so warmly anymore. Do the work and if you can not, go home. Not to be in a big country – you could not bring an ambassador to France, you could not select, you could not decide, everyone who concerns it. There is no ambassador in a large country who has to do the job of the state. “This concerns you,” MP Injia said.

For his part, the Deputy Minister said when asked by the MP that the Ambassador of Georgia to France is in a challenge mode, and the leadership of the Ministry has a very strong motivation and decision to strengthen the direction of France.

. “It will be difficult for me to enter the evaluation category in this format, but I will say that a new candidate will probably be nominated in the near future. We hope the new candidacy will meet your and everyone else’s expectations because France is a major area that needs special attention, is a more or less skeptical country, and needs more work. “Therefore, the leadership of the ministry has a very strong motivation and determination to strengthen this direction,” said Constantinidi.

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