Meeting of the parliamentary political group and political party “European Socialists” with members of the European Parliament Clare DALY and Mick WALLACE

🔺 Meeting of the parliamentary political group and political party “European Socialists” with members of the European Parliament Clare DALY and Mick WALLACE.
🔴 Important political and economic issues in the country were discussed at the May 29 meeting held in the Supreme Legislative Body, which was held together with the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” and MEP Clare DALY and Mick WALLACE.
🔴 The chairman of the political group, Fridon Injia, drew attention to the 12 recommendations of the European Union at the meeting and noted that it was invented to change the government of “Georgian Dream” and all the actions of the West in relation to Georgia are part of the system, the goal of which is to have a manageable government in the country.
🔴 At the same time, the deputy emphasized that the Georgian government has mistakes in some important part of its governance, and in this regard, as the chairman of the political group, he very often speaks about these problems from the parliamentary tribune. Moreover, he always offers the government the ways to solve these problems in an argumentative manner.
“There are a number of issues where the government should make more efforts and understand the political and economic situation as much as possible, because it is the government that is responsible to the population of the country. He should do everything first to maintain peace, stability and economic development of the country. Georgia must now regain its rightful place in the Caucasus region, the place it has always occupied historically.” – noted Fridon Injia.
🔴 The MP considers the rule of law and law enforcement to be one of the main issues, regardless of a person’s high political position.
“Only the feeling of justice and the supremacy of the law will give the society an incentive to overcome any problem facing the country, which will become the starting point for the progress and development of the state,” he said.
🔴 The chairman of the political group drew attention to the current political situation in the country regarding the status of the candidate of the European Union and stated that the country is practically under daily pressure from the West and internal destructive and radical forces in the country, which is directed against the statehood, sovereignty, and independence of the country.
🔴 “Given this situation, your voice and political statements from the high tribune of the European Parliament are of the utmost importance to protect Georgian statehood and the interests of the country’s population.” – said Fridon Injia.
🔴 The chairman of the political group believes that President Zurabishvili’s visit to Brussels and his speech in the European Parliament should serve the truth and the interests of the country, and in the event that unjust and slanderous messages are broadcast by the President of Georgia, in such a case his speech should not be ignored and he should receive an adequate response. It was issued by the MEPs themselves, who have a complete and realistic picture of the current events in Georgia.
🔴 In turn, MEPs Clare DALY and Mick WALLACE said that they share the views of the chairman of the parliamentary political group and political party “European Socialists” Fridon Injia and his members regarding the current political issues in the country.
🔴 They also believe that Georgia really deserved to be granted the status of a candidate for the European Union.
🔴 “Of course, there is no alternative to peace. People die in war and big arms manufacturing corporations get rich. Therefore, we do not consider that you have a pro-Russian position, but we believe that you express the opinion of the people, and this is absolutely true.” – said Mick Walls.
🔴 According to him, the West will always use Georgia’s geopolitical location for political and economic pressure based on its interests.
🔴 According to Claire Dale, the European Union, together with the United States of America, really has its own interests in relation to Georgia, and the bold steps of the country’s current government, which serve the primary interests of the Georgian population, are not really acceptable to it.
🔴 Vice-speaker of the Parliament, member of the political group, Avtandil Enukidze, and member of the political group, Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, David Zilfimiani, stated their positions at the meeting. They supported the main pathos, principles and opinions of the MEPs, which they voice from the high tribune of the European Parliament in relation to Georgia.
🔴 Temur Fifi and Ilia Lobzhanidze, representatives of the “Socialist Platform” of Georgia, also attended the meeting.
Temur Fifia emphasized the convergence of the main principles of socialist ideology and expressed hope thatRegarding future fruitful cooperation.
🔴 At the meeting, an agreement was reached between the two political forces on the signing of a memorandum of joint cooperation, which will be signed in the coming days.



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