Fridon Injia called the project of the century on the current section of the Rikoti road, the main works of which have been completed

📍 Chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia called the project of the century on the current section of the Rikoti road, the main works of which have been completed.

🔷 The Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Irakli Karseladze, presented a report on the activity of the Ministry in 2022 in the format of “Minister’s Hour” in the Supreme Legislative Body.

🔷 “This project is really of historical importance for our country. I want to express my hope that the remaining works will be completed successfully.” – noted Fridon Injia at the plenary session of the Parliament.

🔷 The chairman of the political group also drew attention to the issue of the construction of the section of the Tareli-Lebardi road, which, according to him, is also of special purpose, because it is directly related to the development of the resort area, the implementation of which is impossible without the maintenance of the road.

🔷 “I hope that based on your potential, it will be possible to resolve this issue positively.” – said the MP.

🔷 In his speech, the chairman of the political group addressed the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure with a question about Georgia’s participation in the “3+3 format” based on the interests of the country and people.

🔷 “The road of the century, built transport highways, which will pass through Armenia, Azerbaijan, the North, and it will be of strategic importance, don’t you think that it should be loaded as much as possible to bring financial benefits to the country?!…

🔷 Do you think that the project initiated by the representative of the NATO member country, Turkey, which participates in the “3+3 format”, will be beneficial for Georgia to participate in this project? First of all, I am speaking in the interests of Georgia, for the well-being of the people and for the state to become stronger.

🔷 This project may have a political component as well, because it is not only intended for profit. Within the framework of the “3+3 format” there can be a way to take effective steps towards the smoothing of the country. That is why there are a number of issues attached to this project, and all of them are very important for the future of our country. Therefore, I am interested in your vision regarding this issue”, Fridon Injia addressed to Irakli Karseladze.

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