Выступление Мика Уоллеса, политического партнера и друга парламентской политической группы и партии «Европейские социалисты» в Европарламенте по поводу предоставления Грузии статуса кандидата в члены ЕС.

❗️ Speech by Mick Wallace, a political partner and friend of the parliamentary political group and the party of “European Socialists” in the European Parliament regarding the granting of EU candidate status to Georgia.
🔺 “Last June, Georgia was denied candidate status, not because they failed to meet the criteria, but because anti-Russian sentiment was not expressed more than enough.
🔺 In the list of demands, as a condition for the candidate status, you did not put peace, but the issue of Saakashvili.
🔺 This person (Saakashvili) established terror in Georgia like Pinochet and had up to 300 thousand convicts in the state. During his rule, people were injured, maimed and many died.
🔺 Regarding the uproar regarding the draft law on non-governmental organizations, I would like to mention that the same law has been in force in the United States of America for years, and the European Union is also planning to adopt this draft law.
🔺 Georgia is not interested in war and opening a second front in the state. He wants to have good relations with everyone and healing with his neighboring countries.
🔺 The pressure, which was manifested by the European Union against limiting the country’s sovereignty, is aimed at promoting war, not peace.
🔺 Give Georgia the status of EU candidate. Let the Georgian people decide and show their strong will whether to join the European Union or not”, says Mick Wallace.

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