The speech of the chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia at the plenary session of the Parliament, where the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia Shalva Papuashvili presented the annual report.

📍 The speech of the chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia at the plenary session of the Parliament, where the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia Shalva Papuashvili presented the annual report.
🔷 The chairman of the political group assessed Papuashvili’s speech and his activities as the chairman of the parliament as a discovery of last year for the “Georgian Dream”.
🔷 The report you presented has a very big difference compared to last year, and I would say that Shalva Papuashvili is the discovery of last year for “Georgian Dream”. Everything was said in your speech, but there were certain errors, and I would like to draw your attention to some of these issues. – noted Fridon Injia.
🔷 According to the deputy, the government of Georgia should show a principled position in relation to issues related to the interests of the country and the state and should correctly analyze the consequences of making this or that decision.
🔷 In this context, Fridon Injia criticized the government and the legislative body regarding the adoption of the election code, as a result of which the work of the Central Election Commission practically came to a dead end and it was difficult for it to fully conduct its activities.
🔷 In this regard, the deputy demanded the government to take responsibility.
🔷 “There is an impression that the Venice Commission works only on Georgia throughout the world and in Europe. If not for us, the commission would not have a job.
🔷 I want to tell you that the recommendations of the Venice Commission are recommendations, not the constitution, not the law, not the handout from parents – do it like this…
🔷 Why am I saying this, there is a law that our party voted for, and it refers to the electoral code, where we thought that the norm that was adopted, and you – the majority, are to blame, that decisions are made with 100 votes, while the Prime Minister They appointed the minister, the general prosecutor with 76 votes and what happened to the appointment of the chairman of the CEC.
🔷 Why did you allow this? If you are in the majority, be kind enough to respond, you should have done so and now you are backing off. Everything that is happening now could have been avoided if you had taken a principled position from the beginning.
🔷 This applies not only to the CEC, but also to the members of the Council of Justice, etc.
🔷 During these almost 3 years, there was an imperfect election commission. How can the chairman of the CEC be at the tribune every 6 months and go through the approval-disapproval process.
Nevertheless, during these 3 years, there was not a single issue of principle in the Election Commission, which was problematic.
🔷 Absolutely all issues were resolved by mutual agreement. During this time, there was no disagreement as to how many local or intermediate elections were held.” – said the deputy
🔷 Regarding the 9 recommendations of the European Commission, on which the Parliament is systematically debating and discussions are held every week, according to Fridon Injia, the year 2030 has been named in connection with the expansion of the European Union. Accordingly, there are 6 more years ahead. From this, according to the MP, after 6 years most probably the recommendations presented today will no longer be relevant. All the more if we take into account the intensity with which the geopolitical situation in the world is changing. Therefore, the chairman of the political group appeals to the government to do its work only based on the interests of the country and the people.
🔷 “The European Commission provides us with recommendations from there, and the year 2030 has been named for acceptance and membership, that is, we have 6 years ahead of us.
🔷 Therefore, we can make these 9 recommendations during this time, and I doubt that at the end of 6 years, or even 5 years, the recommendations from the European Commission will be the same as today. Like the EU, things are changing around the world especially lately. Therefore, no one knows what will be left of these 9 recommendations at the end of 6 years.
🔷 Therefore, we should do our work, which is principled and necessary for the country”. – said Fridon Injia.
🔷 In his speech, the chairman of the political group focused on the fact that the government did not respond to the letters sent by the opposition parties, which, in his opinion, is unacceptable, and in this regard they can take an example from the new Prime Minister, Irakli Kobakhidze, who gives qualified and convincing answers to all questions.
🔷 According to the chairman of the political group, it is necessary for the government to devote a significant amount of time to the adoption of the law on defamation. Also, the issue of transparency of financing of non-governmental organizations should be placed on the agenda again, and in general they should act only in the interests of the country.
🔷 “The slander, which flows like a torrent, is a component of the plan developed by the National Movement and the openly, indirectly and secretly acting parties, their satellite non-governmental organizations and their TV stations. To achieve the plan,Anything is allowed:
🔷 It will be a declaration of war, or the destruction and loss of our territories once again;
🔷 Severing all kinds of economic contacts with our neighboring countries, including Russia, while Europe and America trade and see billions of dollars in mutual benefits from relations with these countries, and it does not matter what economic losses our country will receive;
🔷 All state projects, which we consider profitable for the state, are unacceptable for those groups, which in many cases are financed from the West. Now Taiwan has been added to this, which tells us how bad China is.
In the last period, Ms. Salome Zurabishvili, who was called our president, was involved with all her strength.
🔷 The government should stand up to all this and the Parliament has a big role in this.
🔷 What dangers is our country facing today? I will tell you the main thing:
🔷 Warriors who may return to Georgia from Ukraine. Their employment will be if they adapt to this reality. When a man goes to war for several years, it has a great impact on him. Our government should be ready for this. I think I’m making a point… especially at the end of the year.
🔷 I fully share the position of my colleagues, Mrs. Rima Beradze and Mr. Lado Kakhadze, regarding defamation and misinformation, because this is a demand not only of parliamentarians, but also of a large part of our healthy-thinking population.
🔷 Slanders and the spread of misinformation have become more and more widespread, and this raises the controversy and polarization even higher.
🔷 We can expect destabilizing actions such as subversive acts and so on. Let’s remember the 14 kilograms of explosives that were traveling on the territory of Georgia. Thank God, we survived, and the population was not harmed.
🔷 What would I like?
🔷 The parliament should return to the adoption of the draft law, which refers to the transparency of the financing of non-governmental organizations, which is being discussed in the European Union and in a number of countries. We should not receive information about the funding of these organizations from other countries and from various hidden sources. It should be transparent to the entire population, who breathes what.
🔷 The end of cohabitation and the creation of a temporary investigative commission regarding the events of the August 2008 war, where many things will be revealed, and many things will be put to rest.” – Fridon Injia believes.



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