The future will show what the ruling party showed to the people through the impeachment procedure – fridon injia

📍 The future will show what the ruling party showed to the people through the impeachment procedure;
🔷 The fact that this was a staged scenario by the “National Movement” and the President was clearly seen at the Parliament session;
🔷 When the Constitutional Court made a decision and established that Zurabishvili violated the supreme law of the country – the Constitution of Georgia, the President should have resigned immediately and the masquerade would not have been held in the Parliament;
🔷 Salome Zurabishvili did not consider the deputies in the Parliamentary Republic worthy of an answer. This is another manifestation that she does not deserve to be the president of Georgia, despite the fact that we have demonstrated the primacy of women centuries ago and we had a quite successful King Tamar;
🔷 It should be noted that the peace that is in our country during these years is the merit of the ruling party and the current government;
🔷 If there was Saakashvili’s government today, Georgia would not exist. It would have been destroyed long ago; This is the counterbalance that gives me some hope that, taking into account the accumulated experience, the future steps of this government will be based only on the interests of the country;
🔷 Salome Zurabishvili did not have legitimacy from the Georgian people and today she no longer has legitimacy from the government either;
🔷 In the European Union, the group of MEPs listening to Salome Zurabishvili, who want the victory of the “National Movement” in Georgia;
🔷 Salome Zurabishvili would have remained in the political field with a dignified resignation and would have taken a certain place in society;
🔷 A certain part of the European parliamentarians, the “National Movement” and Zurabishvili have one patron, and that is certain circles of the United States of America, a marginal part of the politicians who manage these processes. Hopefully, under the new ambassador, the processes will change for the good of Georgia;
🔷 God forbid that Maidan be repeated in Georgia. We don’t want war and chaos, we want peace. If there is a Maidan attempt in our country, I think the whole of Georgia will stand up and oppose this process;
🔷 Georgia should correctly assess its capabilities and look at everything pragmatically, do what is acceptable and beneficial for my country, what will return immigrants to their homeland, what will multiply the Georgian nation and the population living in Georgia, what will protect and preserve the unique nature of Georgia;
🔷 This was stated by the head of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia on the live broadcast of “Alt Info”.

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