Due To The Dangers Of Nuclear War, I Call On The Government To Develop A Special State Plan That Will Ensure The Protection Of Our Citizens – Fridon Injia

📍 Due to the dangers of nuclear war, I call on the government to develop a special state plan that will ensure the protection of our citizens – Fridon Injia

🔶 The chairman of the political group “European Socialists” of the Parliament of Georgia Fridon Injia calls on the government to develop a special state plan that will ensure the protection of the country’s citizens, because today the world, especially in the European part, is in the worst situation.

🔶 “In the world today It is a dangerous situation. The situation is particularly severe in the European part and this situation is getting more difficult every day. Nuclear war is not out of the question and the world is very close to this danger and we are moving towards it every day. Therefore, I take advantage of the opportunity and call on our government to be fully prepared for complications. I believe that a special plan should be made for this and this plan should be created immediately, where the duties of each ministry or minister will be specifically outlined. In particular, who is responsible for what. No collective liability. Collective responsibility is personally unacceptable to me. Each minister should take his field under personal control.

🔶 First of all, energy is important here so that the country does not remain without energy. It is also important whether the gas supply or the stock of food products. This must be done considering the current situation in the world.” – said Fridon Injia.

🔶 The chairman of the political group drew attention to the passivity of the population in European countries in political matters and noted that the main part of the population there is entrusted to their own government.

🔶 “I have to tell you one thing, the population of European countries is not as politicized as it is in Georgia, where every other person is interested in politics. The population of European countries mainly trusts their government, and today there are leaders in these governments whose activities can be considered very extremist. If you want to take the example of Kubilius (European Parliamentarian Andrew Kubilius), if he had more power today, he would definitely use nuclear weapons tomorrow.

🔶 Therefore, our government should have already made such a plan, which will outline the actions of all members of the government from the very first minutes, as soon as this happens. This is what my country needs to survive.” – noted Fridon Injia.

🔶 According to him, we are not talking about the double-digit growth of the country’s economy, we are talking about the physical survival of the country, taking into account the geopolitical location of Georgia.

🔶 “Unfortunately, the danger of nuclear war in the world is increasing every day. Not even a single step was taken to stabilize the situation. There was no talk of negotiations or peace initiatives. On the contrary, more and more lives are being sacrificed to these processes every day. The government should take more rights, for example, in the social sector.

🔶 What has been done about drugs is welcome. The same can be said about the decisions taken by the state regarding the objects of strategic importance. I have in mind the contract of Khudon HPP, the port of Anaklia. It gives us strength to survive.

🔶 If we sell everything and there is not a single object left under the control of the state, such a state cannot exist, and at such a time there will always be more pressure from abroad on our country. And when the state stands at its height and acts in any field based on the interests of the country, such a state will be strong.

Therefore, it is essential that the government takes over price control and price profitability for private companies should be set within 20-30%, otherwise the salary and pension increases are meaningless.

🔶 Therefore, price control is one of the most important issues for the government. It will be related to fuel, energy supply, gas supply or food products.

🔶 Also, the policy of the government in relation to strategic objects is important. What is sold must be redeemed and it must be transferred to the state.” – Fridon Injia believes.

🔶 To what extent does participation in energy projects increase Georgia’s political security, and how important is the political niche for Georgia, which is called the Middle Corridor? Is this issue one of the country’s security factors?

🔶 To this question, Friedon Injia answered that the most important of various important economic projects is the Middle Corridor project, which China, Asian countries need to connect with Europe, and in general, Europe needs the energy resources that are in Asia. Therefore, the country’s government should work and do everything to make the Middle Corridor project a reality.”

🔶 As for the Anaklia project, it may be a complex project that needs to be discussed, and I am still skeptical about this issue, because the development of the Anaklia project is related to the railways, the cargo and the countries that have to load the cargo. It will be Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan or China. Without the participation of these three countries, 51% of the Anaklia port construction project should be in the hands of the state, and in principle, it was announced by the government, and this is welcome.” – noted Fridon Injia.

🔶 “I think, considering these energy projects, Europe’s interest in Georgia will increase. However, there are countries that may go against it, because it is a very profitable and saving project for our country.” – said Fridon Injia.

🔶 “To return once again to my initiative, where I focused on spies and traitors in connection with the August 2008 war, in some cases they say that if we cooperate with the Western special services, this is acceptable, and with the Northern countries, this cooperation is not acceptable.

🔶 A person who works for the interests of another country, it doesn’t matter to me whether it is a western country or a northern one. Both are enemies of my country. Therefore, if a commission of inquiry is formed, these questions will be answered and made clear. Because what happened in August 2008, it was all the makings of one day.

🔶 I think that the war of August 2008 was planned for a long time. And what preceded it, and who was the doer of it? These were traitors to the country, indoctrinated and, of course, primarily based on their own interests.

🔶 I think that the loss of 20% territories of Georgia was deliberate and planned.

I’m pretty sure with the 80% it was a three way deal. In particular, the agreement between the governments of Russia, the West and Georgia.

🔶 It wouldn’t have happened without the Georgian government, it wouldn’t have happened without the West’s passivity, and it wouldn’t have happened without Russia’s actions that they did on the territory of Georgia, the results of which are visible.

🔶 It must be determined who played what role in this process. Could this war have been avoided?” – said Fridon Injia.

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