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The political party "European Socialists" releases a statement

???? The political party "European Socialists" releases a statement.
???? The European Socialist Party is responding to reports of possible government rigging in the run-up to the October 30 run-off election by the ruling National Movement and its affiliates through party television or other media outlets.
???? "We believe that the ruling party has a big advantage before the second round of local self-government elections. "As a result of the polls and analysis conducted by our party, the Georgian Dream will win the second round of mayoral elections in all cities, as well as in the representative bodies of most municipalities," the party said in a statement.
➡ The political party intends to fight to the end and uncompromisingly in the district where the party's majoritarian candidate won the second round, and despite the election results, the party will return to a constructive opposition regime, both in the supreme legislative body and outside it.