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The Middle Corridor Project Is Of Epoch-Making Importance And Georgia Must Fight For Its Implementation Fridon Injia’s Questions To The Minister Of Foreign Affairs

📍 The “Middle Corridor” project is of epoch-making importance and Georgia must fight for its implementation – Fridon Injia’s questions to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

📍 The “Middle Corridor” transport project is one of the most important projects of this era for the economic development and political stability of the state.

🔶 The chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia stated this at the parliamentary session, where in the manner of interpellation Minister of Foreign Affairs Ilia Darchiashvili was heard.

🔶 According to the chairman of the political group, the strengthening of Georgia’s role as a country with a transit function, as well as an important economic partner in the region, is directly related to the development and operation of freight-transit corridors of various directions. Which also ensures a very large financial and economic profit for our country.

🔶 “Do you think there is any kind of danger that could prevent the implementation of this project?” Fridon Injia addressed this question to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ilia Darchiashvili.

🔶 The MP was also interested in the transport projects that, based on the political and economic interests of Georgia, could be implemented through both Abkhazia and Tskhinvali regions.

🔶 “Based on the state interests of the country, don’t you think it is necessary to use the transport highways through Abkhazia and Tskhinvali, again and again for the political goals of the country and the economic progress of the state.” – noted Fridon Injia.

🔶 Another issue, which the MP raised before the Minister of Foreign Affairs, was related to the million-strong Georgian diaspora living in Russia.

🔶 “Today the Prime Minister said that there are up to a million of our compatriots living in Russia.

🔶 As you know, Georgia does not have diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation. Taking this into account, what specific measures does your agency take towards our compatriots, the Georgian diaspora working in the Russian Federation, and to improve their integration with Georgia and their living conditions and to establish contacts with their relatives living here?” Fridon Injia addressed to Ilia Darchiashvili.

The Speech Of The Chairman Of The Political Group Of The European Socialists Of The Parliament Of Georgia, Fridon Injia, From The Tribune Of The Supreme Legislative Body, Where Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili Was Listened To By Interpellation.

The speech of the chairman of the political group "European Socialists" of the Parliament of Georgia Fridon Injia from the tribune of the highest legislative body, where Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili was listened to by interpellation;

What does the EU candidate status give to the population of Georgia?

The main cornerstone of the article on depolarization from the 12-point recommendation of the European Union is the surrender of power by the current government of Georgia;

The destructive forces, who have no hope of winning through the elections, are making the situation tense and disturbing. Therefore, the most important thing in these political battles is the enforcement of the law, the supremacy of the law;

In his speech, the chairman of the political group reviewed and evaluated the current political topics and also drew attention to the actions taking place in front of the parliament on March 7-8, which were called by the so-called radical forces. It was organized in connection with the law "On Agents".

According to the deputy, based on the interests of Georgia, during the last 10 years, the government of the country signed the Association Agreement, which legally defines the state's economic and, to a certain extent, political relations. The association agreement also provides for free trade relations with the European Union, which, according to Fridon Injia, is not fully used in Georgia's conditions, and it is necessary for the Georgian government to work more in this regard.

According to the chairman of the political group, Georgia has also signed an agreement that provides for visa-free travel with the European Union. At the same time, it is important that, in addition to the association agreement, Georgia has deeper, direct political and economic relations with the EU member states, which are accepted in the civilized world, and this is very welcome.

"I would like to draw attention to the European perspective of Georgia, which was awarded to the country last year, and I would like to point out that it is not clear to me what the European perspective envisages. Out of the three countries (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia) with the existing parameters, Georgia and its government deserved the candidate status the most.
Even, for example, let's take the judicial system of Georgia, regarding which there is a great agitation from the radical political groups. Nevertheless, by European standards, it was found that the Georgian judicial system is one of the most advanced.

It is not clear to me what the EU candidate status gives to the population? For example, what will a farmer in Ambrolauri district get if he is granted candidate status? Also, I wonder what the population of Georgia has lost economically due to this decision in one year? What does the EU candidate status give us more than what Georgia has already received in practical terms?

I am asking these questions so that the government is ready for anything. And the population of Georgia should know if there is any kind of danger, apart from the threats that we hear so often in the form of political pressure". - said Fridon Injia.

The chairman of the political group is sure that it is practically impossible to fulfill Eurocashier's demand for depolarization from the 12 points of the European Union, because the cornerstone of depolarization is the surrender of power by the current government of Georgia.

According to the MP, in recent years, there is constant speculation and appeal regarding the position of strategic partners in relation to various important issues of the country, and practically, the political agenda of Georgia revolves around strategic partners.

"I am interested in whether Georgia receives from its strategic partners energy carriers of vital purpose, such as electricity, oil products, gas, wheat, butter, oil, sugar, fish, pasta, rice, cereals, etc., which fill Georgia's The main consumer basket of the population. And if so, in the event of its termination, does the government have alternative ways? Do we have an alternative to importing energy trains and basic consumer products, and how economical will this alternative be for the country?" said Fridon Injia.

To a certain extent, the MP called the situation paradoxical when, despite the ongoing hostilities between Russia and Ukraine, Ukraine still pays billions of funds to the Russian government for running an energy train, such as natural gas. The same can be said about European countries, which receive energy trains from Russia and economically cooperate with it. And Georgia, as a small state, is told by the radical forces operating in the country that Georgia should not have economic relations with Russia.

The deputy believes that it is important for the country's government to have a correctly formed principled position in relation to these issues, again based on the interests of the country.

According to the chairman of the political group, the main task in the national defense strategy should be to maintain peace in the country, to avoid any escalation and no sounding of weapons. All the more, based on the situation when the danger of nuclear war is becoming more and more real and the situation is not moving towards complete neutralization and calming down, but on the contrary, the tension is reaching its peak.

Fridon Injia in his speech evaluated the political events taking place in front of the parliament on March 7-8 and noted that the so-called protest According to the Russian law, there was only an excuse for unrest and the goal of the radical forces was to change the government in the country in this way. In the end, these events created an additional danger in the country.

"Due to the rhetoric, calls, extremist spirit, or radical actions of the action in front of the parliament, while this was not a Russian law and was only an excuse to cause unrest in the country, military units and high-tech military air and ground equipment were additionally brought into the territory of Abkhazia. Here, the country got this result and an additional threat was created in the state, instead of us, our brothers, Abkhazians and Ossetians, and start a direct dialogue with them and thus set an example for others". - said Fridon Injia.

The deputy believes that the role of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in terms of preventing unrest and escalation was great due to the events taking place on March 7-8, for which the Ministry really deserved the highest praise. However, Fridon Injia negatively evaluates the government's loyal attitude towards the participants of the rally who have committed crimes and have not been punished to date.

"There was no proper response from the government to those persons who were carrying out destructive actions and violating the law during the action. These persons have not been punished to date, thus the law has not been enforced. You have full support in the regions, and the population expects the law to be enforced against these individuals. To strain the situation, you are creating chaos for those destructive forces who have no hope of winning through the elections. Therefore, the most important thing in these political battles is the enforcement of the law, the supremacy of the law, and half-law enforcement kills this law." - noted Fridon Injia.

In The End, The National Movement Will Disintegrate - Fridon injia

In the end, the "National Movement" will collapse

We have to postpone the draft law on the transparency of foreign influence, although it will still be acceptable, but the American version of this draft law

The recent events surrounding the bills on the transparency of foreign influence have awakened the "National Movement", which is on the verge of collapse, but in the end, it will still collapse.

This was stated by the chairman of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists" Fridon Injia on the air of Sezoni TV.

"Unfortunately, this situation woke up the "National Movement", which was on the verge of collapse. However, a few days ago, when the April 9 rally was announced by their representatives, namely Merabishvili, the controversy started here again, including within the "National Movement". I think that in the end the "national movement" will disintegrate", said Fridon Injia.

Speaking about the draft law on agents of foreign influence, the MP said that this draft law has already worked and clearly identified groups, non-governmental organizations and two-three-member parties united with them. And now, the state must take upon itself the obligation to protect the country.

"Society should know from which country non-governmental organizations are financed and how it is used. I, as a citizen, ask - to what extent do the interests of that country coincide with the interests of my country? Most of the 15-17 thousand people who came to the rally - 95% - had not read this law. Georgia is not only Tbilisi, the regions and other cities did not know at all what was happening in the capital, what the young people were doing.

As you know, such a law works in the USA. I do not support the second project, which I call a half-law, and which has only an accounting function. We need to adopt the law that works in the United States – strict and results-oriented. Those who fall under the scope of that law are obliged to describe in detail the income, its purpose and the utilization of funds.

I think we should postpone these discussions now, but, in the end, today or tomorrow, this law will still be acceptable", said MP Injia.

Chairman of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists" Fridon Injia believes that the rule of law should occupy the most important place in the way of building a democratic state. In his opinion, if not, the harmful practice of law enforcement established in Georgia, the political events developed in the country in recent days, would not have taken such a radical form.

The MP believes that the "syndrome of impunity" established in Georgia has been well demonstrated by the so-called During the rallies held in front of the parliament building regarding the "Agents" law, when the representatives of the radical forces acted in unacceptable ways for a peaceful protest.

According to the deputy, the radical part of the rally participants almost broke into the state institution. They started a fire, used the so-called Molotov cocktails at the police. Unfortunately, no one has been punished to date.

"This is what we call "rule of law" and this is what is destroying our country, our statehood. Such actions, which are called improper execution of the law, kill and destroy the law. The law must be supreme and supreme. Then everything will be fine in the country." - said Fridon Injia.

The chairman of the political group does not rule out the repetition of similar actions by radical forces, but he is sure that they will ultimately not achieve their goal.

Statement Of "European Socialists".

Statement of "European Socialists".

The chairman of the political party "European Socialists" Fridon Injia and the political team of the party negatively assess the fact that during the protest action held by one of the public groups today at the Parliament of Georgia, the flag of Eurokashiri was burned by the protesters.

"Such actions are categorically unacceptable for our political party.

We would like to emphasize that any manifestation of radicalism does not correspond to the peaceful development plan of Georgia.

Such facts contradict the country's national interests and aspirations on the difficult path of democratic and civilized development, because, in the end, such forms of protest as burning flags, raiding state institutions and agencies, or using so-called "Molotov cocktails" at representatives of law enforcement agencies, are enemies of Georgia. He pours water on the mill.

We, the "European Socialists", condemn such destructive actions", the party's statement said.

What Happened To You, Whose Task Are You Doing, What Is Wrong With You – Fridon Injia's Appeal To The Founder Of TV-First – Chuta

What happened to you, whose task are you doing, what is wrong with you? - Fridon Injia's appeal to the founder of "TV-First" - Chuta.

Whose task are you doing? What's wrong with you?... This is what Fridon Injia, the chairman of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists", addressed to the founder of "TV First" Chuta (Avtandil Tsereteli), in response to the television story that aired on "TV First" on March 4, "Nodar Meladze Saturday". Where the information about the MP was spread with a wrong interpretation.

"Now I want to address the founder of "TV First" - Chuta, his wife Nana, whom I know quite well. There was a time when we vacationed together.

At the same time, I know that he, Chuta, did not make any contribution to the 2008 war. On the contrary, I think they were against it... What happened to you, whose tasks are you doing? what's wrong with you... Is there something else that slows down a Georgian man?! ... I am very sorry..." - said Fridon Injia.

The statement made by Fridon Injia about the creation of a temporary parliamentary investigative commission regarding the events of the August 2008 war was followed by numerous television reports and stories from the radical opposition and their associated media outlets, where numerous slanderous statements were made against the chairman of the political group and information was spread with incorrect interpretations.