Fridon Injia assessed the most current political events in the country during a live visit to “Alt Info” TV station.

📌 The chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia assessed the most current political events in the country during a live visit to “Alt Info” TV station.
🔷 Fridon Injia responded to today’s statement of the Government of Georgia, where it is said that in order to regulate the relationship, it is important for the Ukrainian authorities to hand over the criminals who hold high positions in Ukraine to Georgia.
🔷 In particular, the case concerns the visit of the convicted Zurab Adeishvili, who holds the position of advisor to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in the Ukrainian government, together with the official delegation of Ukraine to the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany.
🔷 According to the MP, during the period of “Georgian Dream” rule, there was never such rhetoric and demands from the Georgian authorities in relation to partner countries. Georgia has been under the pressure of pseudo-liberals for years, from our sleepless “friends”.
🔷 Therefore, during the whole 12 years, there were many things that Georgia could do for the benefit of the country and population. The same deepening of relations with the People’s Republic of China, participation in various economic projects that would be beneficial for our country.
🔷 Throughout the years, we have been patiently listening to our partners. Unfortunately, we were adopting such laws as, for example, the Law on Discrimination, which was adopted by the Parliament in 2014.
🔷 That’s why it should be said that statements with similar content from the side of the Georgian government are a step forward on the path of our country’s independence and sovereignty, and this issue should have been on the agenda earlier, and it is definitely welcome that Georgia, this small country, both countries, Ukraine and Germany The Federal Republic was asked to play by the rules of the political game called democracy and equality between two independent states. – said Fridon Injia.
🔷 The chairman of the political group believes that the Georgian government correctly assessed the current political events in the world. In this case, especially in relation to Ukraine. The same, the current domestic or foreign policy of the United States of America, or America’s attitude towards Europe. In this context, the situation of Europe itself, taking into account the sanctions imposed on Russia, which returned to Europe like a boomerang.
🔷The deputy does not rule out certain changes by the end of this year, both between the United States of America and Europe, as well as within Europe itself.
🔷 “I think the government of Georgia correctly assessed and analyzed the current political events in the world. The fact that we have our interests, which are expressed in the protection of the country’s sovereignty and independence, in the implementation of those economic projects that will be beneficial for the country. Therefore, the government of Georgia has taken a completely logical and politically correct step in this regard”. – said the MP.
🔷 When asked by the journalist how it is possible to restore the territorial integrity of Georgia without negotiations, Fridon Injia said, “The fact is that we have been following this policy for 30 years and there are no results and nothing has changed for the benefit of Georgia, on the contrary, we have lost a lot. Therefore, this issue needs to be considered and the current policy in this regard needs to be changed.”
🔷 “I think that this will change in the near future, by the end of the year. The situation has been unchanged for the last 30 years. Staff transfers alone are not enough. It needs further bold steps. The government should talk to Russia and the two neighboring states should clarify their relations with each other.
🔷 In order for the relationship to be restored, a direct one-on-one dialogue is needed here. I think we have no other choice, and the sooner this relationship is settled, the more beneficial it will be for our country, our people, and many things can be resolved more easily through negotiations. We should not forget the example of Ukraine and the situation in which Ukraine is today”. – said the MP.
🔷 Fridon Injia believes that regarding the issue of restoring the country’s territorial integrity, it is important for the government to take a spare and use the “window of opportunity” that exists today, especially if we take into account the current situation in Transcaucasia.
🔷Therefore, the government should clearly and principledly declare what place Georgia occupies in the region. The government of the country should also understand well that the “monster” states of the world will not collide with each other because of such a small country like Georgia. Therefore, today it is important to take precise and effective steps for the future prosperity of the country.
🔷 Regarding the issue of banning LGBT+ propaganda, regarding which “Georgian Dream” is going to adopt the draft law, according to Fridon Injia, “European social

On the part of “Istis”, this issue was announced on the agenda in the month of May of last year from the parliamentary tribune.
🔷 “This is a great challenge to the forces that are working against our identity and customs.
🔷 There is a proposal to prohibit the holding of gatherings or demonstrations in the areas surrounding kindergartens, schools, educational and cultural institutions, parks, squares, and all public gathering places. How a Georgian family should be comes from parents.
🔷Here is another issue worth noting. In particular, the law will not have any force unless the law “On Discrimination”, which was adopted by the Parliament in 2014, has been changed, otherwise, the adoption of the law will not have force.
🔷”I think that the adoption of the draft law on the “LGBT+ ban” will cause opposition from the forces that are fed and financed primarily by the United States of America. Therefore, work on this issue should be complex. I hope that “Georgian Dream” will He will be principled in his position in relation to the issues”, said the deputy.
🔷 Regarding today’s statement of Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze regarding the current drug policy in the country, in particular, regarding the negative results of drug liberalization propaganda, Fridon Injia noted that if the updated plan developed by the government is joint and complex, where the relevant agencies are actively involved, in such a case, Such changes will have consequences.
🔷 “The work in this process should be conducted at the level of ideology and relevant agencies, including and first of all, the Ministry of Education should be very actively involved in the implementation of this plan. On the other hand, law enforcement should take over the control mechanism, and the legislation should be strict in this regard, and we have an example of this in many countries, especially in Asian countries, where drug crime is minimized.” – Fridon Injia believes.
🔷 To the journalist’s question about the chances of the new political union of Nika Gvaramia and Nika Melia in the parliamentary elections, Fridon Injia answered that with the current political configuration, it will be quite difficult for this force to overcome the 5% barrier.
🔷 “5% is not a little. That’s about 100 thousand votes, which is not easy to get. Here it will be important what they will offer to the population. What plans will they have for the election and what mechanisms of implementation of these plans will they present to the people. Otherwise, with this configuration, they will not pass the 5% threshold.” – the deputy believes.
🔷 Regarding the election plans of the “European Socialists” parliamentary political group, Fridon Injia said that the “European Socialists” will take their place where the country’s interests are first.

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