Fridon Injia, the chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists”, spoke about these and other important current political issues during a live visit to “Alt Info” TV station.

📍 Cancellation of the obligation of gender quotas in the process of formation of electoral lists;
📍 Prohibition of LGBT propaganda;
📍 Parliamentary elections and EU double standards;
🔷 Fridon Injia, the chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists”, spoke about these and other important current political issues during a live visit to “Alt Info” TV station.
🔷 According to the MP, “European Socialists” will support the legislative initiative of “Girchi” on canceling the obligation of gender quotas in the process of forming electoral lists.
🔷 “I believe that women in Georgia have never been oppressed and it has been like this for centuries. Therefore, I used to think that this was an overly self-indulgent, statutory requirement for the formation of electoral lists.
🔷 I think that all parties and political forces are interested in getting as many votes as possible in the elections, and if there are women in their ranks who have a great potential in terms of getting votes, or are superior to men in terms of their competence, of course, in this case, the leadership of the party should make a decision on its own whether How to draw up an electoral list, and if someone opposes this initiative, he will have his own interests, and I think that those women from the radical opposition wing, who are represented in the parliament today, will be against it. As you know, the current law obliges political parties to have every fourth woman on the electoral list.” – noted the MP.
🔷 Regarding Iago Khvichiya’s statement that if “Georgian Dream” supports the cancellation of the gender quota obligation, in such a case, “Girchi” will vote for the candidate nominated for the position of CEC chairman, Fridon Injia noted that this is a kind of political agreement and deal. between political parties, which has always been and will be.
According to the chairman of the political group, a number of laws have been adopted by the parliamentary majority for the benefit of Europe, the results of which have appeared today, one of the visible examples of which is the procedure for electing the chairman of the CEC, which according to the current law requires the 90th vote.
🔷 “I consider such legislative decisions to be completely unjustified. When you are the majority and elected by the majority of the population, you have to take responsibility and make the right decision regarding important political issues. In this case, I do not consider it correct that the chairman of the CEC is elected with 90 votes, while the parliament elects the prime minister and prosecutor with 76 votes.
🔷 As for the agreement between “Girch” and “Dream”, this is probably the result of the Mopalaraks, but here the votes of “Girch” alone are not enough for the parliament to elect the chairman of the CEC.
🔷 We will support Giorgi Kalandarishvili, the acting chairman of the CEC, because he has shown himself both by his competence and by his work, determination and loyalty, and he deserves to be elected as the chairman of the CEC”. – said Fridon Injia.
🔷 When asked by the journalist, to what extent the legislative initiative of “Girchi” will affect Georgia’s accession to the European Union, the deputy noted that it will be possible to talk about it more precisely in a few years.
“Let’s wait for 2030, when we will have a clearer and more accurate picture regarding the issue of Georgia joining the European Union. It is too early to talk about it.” – noted Fridon Injia.
🔷 According to the chairman of the political group, the proposal to ban LGBT+ propaganda was put forward at the legislative level by the “European Socialists” at the beginning of May last year, which practically coincides one to one with the legislative initiative put forward by “Dream”.
🔷 “In this case, it does not matter who will be the initiator of this issue. Now it is important to have a legal framework in our country that will protect children from harmful propaganda that is foreign to our country, our customs, our mentality. So, if such a law is adopted, we will only welcome it,” said the MP.
🔷 Regarding the implementation of changes in the constitution in this context, according to the MP, “Georgian Dream” has not yet registered it and it is not known exactly in what form the said initiative will be presented in the parliament.
🔷 “In this regard, it is possible to present a project in the form of an organic law, and if such changes are made at the level of the constitution, of course, it will have more legitimacy and many things will be clarified, which will be welcome. Also, it is possible to split the package of laws into two. In particular, at the first stage, those laws that are necessary and can be passed completely freely with 76 votes should be adopted, and in relation to the constitutional amendments, a general public discussion should be started and all the necessary procedures stipulated by the law should be passed.
🔷 Therefore, I think thatIf the “Dream” is really determined to stand by the Georgian people, this matter should be brought to the end according to this principle.
There are very few people of non-traditional orientation in Georgia. Their number was probably about 3%. Therefore, they cannot influence the results of the elections.” – said Fridon Injia.
🔷 The chairman of the political group believes that “the adoption of the law on the banning of LGBT + propaganda should not be a reason for non-recognition of the elections by the West, because the population of Georgia should decide for themselves which political force they will support, without any interference from foreign countries.”
🔷 “If the demonstration is held openly and transparently and some political power gets the majority of the votes, our population will be less interested in the issue of recognition or non-recognition of the elections from the West. Even if the elections are not recognized, the position of the population here will be principled, having elected its own government, which disposes of the state’s property, adopts laws and is the defender of its own population. Therefore, we have to accept that the fate of Georgia is decided by the Georgian people. All the more if we take into account the double standard of the European Union, which does not have an objective and fair approach to a number of issues. Moreover, the European Union demands that the judicial system be subordinated to them and under their control, which I consider an insult to the country.” – noted the MP.
🔷 The chairman of the political group reviewed the political vicissitudes after the 2020 parliamentary elections, when “radical opposition parties and certain non-governmental organizations acted at the behest of the West in order not to recognize the elections”.
🔷”We were the only opposition political party that entered the parliament and engaged in parliamentary activities, and this continued for the entire 6 months. Considering this reality, the West no longer wanted radical opposition parties to act from outside, because the democratic principle of multi-partyism was already preserved in the parliament, where there was both the majority and the opposition in the form of us – “European socialists”. Therefore, the West and Charles Michel again implemented a double standard and representatives of the radical opposition entered the parliament.
🔷 The issue of the legitimacy of the parliament became stronger even after the temporary investigative commission studying the elections, of which I was a member, adopted a resolution stating that during the parliamentary elections of 2020 there were no significant violations that could affect the results of the elections.
🔷 At that time, it was invented and organized by the West, headed by the US Embassy in Georgia. – said Fridon Injia.
🔷 As for predicting the results of the elections, the MP noted that according to today’s data, no political force can clearly beat the “dream”, although the results of the elections show a specific percentage distribution.
🔷 “Based on the activities of “Georgian Dream” today, no other party will be able to resist in the parliamentary elections. Moreover, the parties represented today are divided into certain groups.
It is still too early to talk about the results of the 2024 parliamentary elections. Until then, many things can change both in the political arena of bribery and globally, because the world cataclysms starting from the war in Ukraine and ending with the presidential elections in America should be taken into account,” the deputy believes.

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