If “Dream” Does Not Support The Creation Of A Parliamentary Commission Of Inquiry Into The 2008 War, I.E. They Do Not Want To Expose Traitors And Spies – Chairman Of “European Socialists” Friedon Injia

If “Dream” does not support the creation of the parliamentary investigation commission of the 2008 war, i.e. They do not want to expose traitors and spies – Chairman of “European Socialists” Friedon Injia

During the next session week, we will probably communicate with our colleagues from the “dream”, and if they do not support us, then it turns out that they do not want to expose the traitors who were in 2008 and are still operating today. In this case, the “dream” itself should provide answers to the questions still existing in the society regarding the August War.
This was stated by Fridon Injia, the initiator of the August 2008 war prosecutor’s investigation and the creation of the parliamentary investigative commission, the chairman of the political group “European Socialists”.

“What is happening around Ivanishvili is the result of cohabitation. If this cohabitation was not there, and the rule of law was applied, we would not have the current situation. If “Dream” does not support our initiative – to create a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the 2008 war, then they themselves must give the answers to the public – who were the spies and traitors of the country, who then and today are doing everything to ensure that Georgia does not progress, but continues to suffer. and loss of territories”, said Fridon Injia.

According to him, conducting the mentioned investigation and giving concrete answers to all aspects of the August war is becoming more relevant today.
“I believe that those spies and traitors of the country, who cooked all this, prepared and created what we got, what we got in August 2008, the same people today continue the same rhetoric and still want to involve Georgia in the war,” said the deputy.

Regarding the issue of whether the majority will support this initiative, Fridon Injia states that their position is unknown to him.

“I don’t go to their meetings, I don’t know. As they decide, so they decide. We have been asking for this for almost 2 years now, however, it has become more urgent now. Next session week we will probably communicate with them and see. If they did not support us, i.e. They don’t want to expose the country’s traitors,” the chairman of “European Socialists” emphasized.

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