In the Parliament, the chairman of “European Socialists” spoke about the “cost” of Georgia’s NATO membership and the limitation of LGBT propaganda.

📍 In the Parliament, the chairman of “European Socialists” spoke about the “cost” of Georgia’s NATO membership and the limitation of LGBT propaganda.

🔴 Before we make Georgia’s NATO membership more active, the government should think carefully about whether it is worth the country’s permanent loss of Abkhazia and Samachaba and the physical destruction of the country, as is happening in Ukraine…

🔴 The law on limiting LGBT propaganda is still acceptable today or tomorrow. The bill is ready, I ask my colleagues for their support…

🔸Fridon Injia, the chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists”, spoke about these issues at the plenary session of the extraordinary session.
The deputy drew a parallel between Georgia and Ukraine on the way to NATO. According to him, before the start of the summit of the North Atlantic Alliance in Vilnius, which Ukraine has high expectations for, the US president said in advance that Ukraine cannot become a member of NATO as long as the war is going on.

🔸 “The interesting thing is that today the leaders are meeting at the summit in Vilnius, but the President of the United States of America has already said that until Ukraine wins over Russia, there is no question of Ukraine’s admission to NATO, and this is unacceptable. Now let’s transfer it to Georgia… If we had opened a second front, it would have been the same… Until Georgia together with Ukraine, or Georgia alone, won over Russia, we would not join NATO. This is already clearly visible and the statement was made clearly,” MP Injia noted.

🔸 The chairman of “European Socialists” drew attention to the price that Ukraine is paying today, in the form of soldiers, victims of the civilian population, as well as the destruction of cities and villages.

🔸 “We all see what the rhetoric on NATO and the arming by the USA has brought to Ukraine. Was it all worth it at the cost of destroying such a large number of people and soldiers on both sides? We have historical indigenous corners where Georgia’s jurisdiction does not extend, and this painful issue is not resolved today. If it were not for the Bucharest Summit and the great friendship with the USA, our 20% would not have been lost. Therefore, before we start and activate the issue of NATO, we should think carefully, it is worth the eternal loss of our indigenous corners and the destruction of the country, as is happening today in Ukraine, where entire cities and villages are being destroyed. 20% of Ukraine is destroyed and not under their jurisdiction. Imagine if the same amount was added to our 20% and destroyed, that is, if 40% was not under Georgia’s jurisdiction, would Georgia exist at all? Do you think about it or not? Is this in the interests of our country?” Injia said.

🔸The deputy also touched on the issue of the week of sexual minorities and said that the relevant draft law is ready, which includes the prohibition of LGBT propaganda and demonstration of sexual affiliation in public gathering places, and which Fridon Injia called on his colleagues to support.

🔸 “These days there was LGBT Pride and all the chaos… I ask my colleagues, if you will, the draft law is ready, and we will have to do it today or tomorrow at least because 98% of the population of Georgia is against this propaganda. We are not against the existence of a sexual minority, they have always been and will be, but the promotion of their lifestyle should be somewhat limited. It should be prohibited in places of public gathering,” MP Injia said.

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