Investigating All Aspects Of The 2008 War And Providing Answers To The Questions Will Be A Lesson For Subsequent Governments So That Betrayal Does Not Happen Again – Fridon Injia

Investigating all aspects of the 2008 war and giving answers to the questions will be a lesson for subsequent governments so that the betrayal will not happen again – Fridon Injia

The investigation of all aspects of the August 2008 war is necessary for the future history and society of Georgia, as an example to prevent similar mistakes or pre-planned betrayal from happening again, and for this to be a lesson for all subsequent governments.

The chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia said about this in the program “Postanalitika” of TV company POS TV.

“European Socialists” came up with an initiative in the highest legislative body regarding the initiation of the prosecutor’s investigation and the creation of the parliamentary investigative commission in connection with the August war.
“The fact that we lost 20% of the territories of Georgia is not accidental, and will someone answer for this?” It is no coincidence that more than 1,000 Georgian soldiers who were in the Kodori valley abandoned everything without a fight. Did someone order this? There are also questions regarding how cannons and planes were adjusted, and what objects were destroyed on the territory of Georgia.
I suspect that all this was not the creation of one day. It was the creation of months, where everything was planned from both the Russian and Georgian sides. I want an answer! I want everything to be determined – who, how and what he did”, MP Fridon Injia emphasized.

He also spoke about the tripartite ceasefire agreement signed in 2008 and said that it should be found out who has what role in accepting the document in this form.
“The answer must be given:
• What was the draft of the tripartite ceasefire agreement, how was it adopted, and who has what role in it;
• What caused this contract;
• Was it possible to prevent the loss of territories, and what was needed for this?
• Why did it happen like this, could it have been decided differently?”, Injia noted.

On the need to educate the population and collect signatures, he noted that the need to investigate the 2008 war is more urgent today than a year and a half ago, when “European socialists” demanded this issue from the rostrum of the Parliament and through various media, because the government is actively talking about the danger of opening a second front in Georgia.

“14 years have passed, many people forget… there are too many cases on the shelf in the prosecutor’s office, and there is no control over them, they can be confiscated, and the law must be enacted. We must show an example of the rule of law, even to Europe… I repeat again – something similar to August 2008 must not be repeated. All the more so now, when government officials very often announce the danger of the second front. When there is persistent talk that Georgia should take a clear position, this is already a continuation of 2008… Let’s draw a parallel with the events of that time… Russian army is standing 150 meters from the central highway of Georgia. Can you imagine the danger we are facing? All ill-considered actions can lead to the complete loss of Georgia. We are a small country – it was 69,000 km2 and we have 43,000 km2 left. We have no retreat, we have no territories to distribute and get rid of so freely,” said Fridon Injia and called on the authorities to be extremely cautious and firm.

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