The Chairman Of The European Socialists Of The Parliamentary Political Group Fridon Injia Held A Press Conference In The Supreme Legislative Body.

👉 Fridon Injia takes the initiative of creating a temporary investigative commission regarding the August 2008 war.

📍 The chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia held a press conference on this topic in the highest legislative body.

🔴 “Several weeks ago, an initiative was announced by public representatives regarding the investigation of the August 2008 war.

🔴This request and the need for it were repeatedly voiced by the parliamentary political group of our party from the tribune of the parliament and in the media.

🔴 The truth of what and how happened, as a result of which we lost territories, is of interest to the public and the 408 people who died in this war. We must give an answer to their families. In addition, it is necessary for our future, our history, so that there are no black spots of misunderstanding.

🔴 The war was evaluated by the Tagliavini Commission, later, the chronology of the start of the war was reflected in the resolution of the Council of Europe, which was also supported by the “National Movement”. The current president of Georgia has stated his position on the topic of war when he participated in the presidential elections.

🔴 Nevertheless, the Georgian society still does not have clear information about what actually happened in August 2008:

❓– Why did we lose 20% of the country’s territories;

❓– could this greatest loss for the country be avoided;

❓– What would our international partners advise if they pointed to Saakashvili’s government?

❓– Who and what role played in the adoption of the tripartite ceasefire agreement;

❓– By whose order and why did more than 1000 Georgian soldiers leave the Kodori valley without a fight;

❓– What value of military equipment was written off after the war and, in general, was this equipment available and where was it located;

❓– From the side of Georgia, apart from the authorized persons, who participated in making decisions and many other issues that are still discussed in the society;

🔴 We believe that each of these issues needs a thorough investigation, which we have been announcing for a long time. It is possible to start an investigation both by the prosecutor’s office and in the format of the parliamentary investigative commission. The loss or transfer of 20 percent of Georgia’s territories should not go unpunished!

🔴Accordingly, our party is starting to collect signatures on the subject of the 2008 war – with the aim of starting a prosecutor’s investigation, as well as creating a parliamentary investigative commission on this subject. We will go to all the regions to collect signatures and explain to the people what the new war can lead to, as well as the importance of the results of the 2008 war investigation.

This issue is all the more relevant today because government representatives are openly talking about the dangers of opening a second front in Georgia.

🔴 We must do everything so that what happened in August 2008 never happens again in Georgia.

🔴 We are sure that a thorough investigation of the 2008 war will make a significant contribution to the prevention of a new war.”

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