The chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia assessed the most current political events in the world and in Georgia live on “Alt Info” TV.

🔴 The chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia assessed the most current political events in the world and in Georgia live on “Alt Info” TV.
📍 “Wagner” leader Yevgeny Prigozhin’s actions not as a coup attempt, but as a so-called riot, to save himself;
📍 lustration of real political attitudes and the so-called Manifestation of the intellectual resources of politicians and experts regarding Prigozhin’s actions;
📍 Salome Zurabishvili’s recent anti-constitutional and anti-national statements;
📍 “European Socialists” legislative initiative on limiting LGBT propaganda;
🔶 These are the main topics that Fridon Injia reviewed in the “Commentary of the Day” program.
🔶 The chairman of the political group evaluated the actions of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the private military group “Wagner”, not as a coup attempt, but as a so-called rebellion to save himself.
🔶 “There could be no talk of a coup d’état here. These were actions taken by Prigozhin to save himself, arising out of the criminal case against him.
🔶 Recently, Prigozhin and his organization enjoyed a fairly high rating. Therefore, perhaps the President of Russia and the Russian government as a whole considered it necessary to slow down this organization.
🔶 As for Prigozhin’s actions, it was an attempt on his part to save himself, to cover up the criminal case that was initiated against him a few days ago.” – Friodn Injia believes.
🔶 The MP is sure that Russia would not allow and will not allow a private military group to oppose the country’s official military agency and general staff.
🔶 “Who is Progozhin? Who created it? According to available information, this organization is unconstitutional and it is not considered an official organization. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, there are quite complicated procedures to go through for the operation of the protective layer. This private military organization has all kinds of weapons except for the atomic bomb.
🔶 Therefore, we must assume that this organization is not created at a lower level and without the permission of the President of Russia, I think it would be impossible to create such an organization.
When this organization was created, perhaps the president and the state needed it to perform different tasks for different purposes. Otherwise, it would be impossible to create this, since this organization has the status of a regular army of Lamas. Therefore, this private military organization could not have been created and infiltrated by the 5th column or liberals into the big state system. I think, to some extent, the liberals who are around Putin, they would be against the creation of this organization.
🔶 As for the controversy that took place in the last period, it was the controversy between Progozhin and the liberal wing in Russia”, Fridon Injia believes.
🔶 “From here, when evaluating these events, talking about a coup d’état is a fabricated story. Everything that this organization has in the form of military equipment has been received from the Russian Defense Agency.
🔶 So the next step could be an amnesty and a peaceful removal of Prigozhin. All the more so if we take into account that a certain part of his organization is already united in the Ministry of Defense and if Prigozhin continues such actions, then radical measures will be taken against him.” – noted the MP
🔶 The chairman of the political group called the statements made by politicians, experts and their analytical visions based on Prigozhin’s actions, not only in Georgia, but a tragicomedy.
🔶 According to Fridon Injia, it is not clear to him the agitation caused by certain political forces yesterday due to Prigozhin’s actions. According to him, the desire of these forces is for the situation in Georgia to become tense and riots to occur, but the reassuring thing is that these forces are few and, most importantly, they do not have the support of the people.
🔶 “It must be said that this process in Georgia is led by the Embassy of the United States of America, under whose authority are other embassies that are instructed, but the Georgian people do not follow these processes. If it were not for bribery, it would not have a centuries-old history, and the country would not have existed for so long.” – noted the MP.
🔶 “It’s true that yesterday was a tragicomedy. Practically, experts, analysts, politicians cut themselves off… such people, who have been in politics for years, must have felt Sio if not a storm… or the second option, they performed the tasks of the collective West. A few months ago, it was Wagner’s military group that destroyed Ukrainian cities and how could anyone

It is thought that it is posed by the West. Indeed, the position of the people who called Prigozhin a hero and swear by his name is amazing,” said Fridon Injia.
🔶 In addition, as the deputy noted, in the event that Prigozhin’s actions would take a serious form, it would be a source of worse misfortune for Georgia.
🔶 The deputy drew attention to the issue of the sale of land by the previous government, which, according to Fridon Injia, was an incredible decision in the light of the fact that the history of bribery does not remember the kings during whose reign Georgian land was sold.
🔶 “The history of Georgia does not remember such a crime committed by the previous government during the reign of any king.” – noted the MP.
🔶 To the question of the host of the program, whether the recent events are correctly perceived by the public and if it is clear who is behind the real pro-Western forces, who is calling people to take to the streets, the deputy noted that the president of Georgia, who started uniting this wing, is distinguished by his actions first of all. And all his statements are anti-Georgian, anti-state.
🔶 “Many people voted for Salome Zurabishvili, including me, but if you think about it, you will understand that a person who was an ambassador in another state, how can he be the president of Georgia. After all, he is a permanent resident of the country that sent him as an ambassador.
🔶 All embassies have their security and special services and they operate under the cover of a diplomatic passport. Therefore, today’s president of Georgia performs at least the function of the head of the intelligence of a foreign country, and he, as the president of the country, coordinates with more countries based on his powers than when he was an ambassador. Moreover, his children work in the US State Department. It can be said that today all embassies with their special services are under the wing of Salome Zurabishvili. As the president, he is the manager of the tasks and plans that he had during the time of the Georgian embassy in France. Now, he has this authority in the capacity of the president.
🔶 Therefore, the control over all his steps and all his actions should be very careful, because his actions are directed to the disorder of the country. – Fridon Injia believes.
🔶 According to the deputy, the same can be said about the pardon of Nika Gvaramia, where it appeared that the European Commissioner knew about the decision to pardon Gvaramia in advance. This confirms that Salome Zurabishvili fulfills the order of the West.
🔶 “The pardon of Nika Gvaramia was staged from beginning to end. This was a rehearsal for the next step regarding the possible pardon of Saakashvili, since Saakashvili faces the possibility of being arrested again, as he is accused of other actions, for which the case has not yet been initiated and the verdict has not been passed. In relation to Saakashvili, the implementation of this type of scenario is excluded, because the government is analyzing the real situation well in this regard. The most important and weighty task that Salome Zurabishvili has is to pardon a person, in this case Saakashvili, who can bring something like destabilization to the country.” – said Fridon Injia.
🔶 Therefore, the deputy believes that the government should take all steps in sequence and all its decisions should be based on the supremacy of the law.
🔶 “If it wasn’t for the government’s peace policy, today it would be impossible to talk about economic progress, double-digit economic growth, and social initiatives. There are still many things to be done in the state, and our party regularly talks about it and demands the authorities to make changes.” – noted Fridon Injia.
🔶 As for the package of draft laws prepared by the “European Socialists” parliamentary political group, where one of the drafts concerns the issue of limiting LGBT propaganda, according to the deputy, we must emphasize the important fact that the draft does not provide for any type of ban on this topic, but the draft is limited to LGBT Propaganda in public gathering places.
🔶 “We have prepared a package of draft laws, which is waiting for when “Georgian Dream” is ready to accept it, because “European socialists” do not have the necessary votes in the parliament. As you know, we are represented in the legislative body by a total of 4 deputies. Therefore, if we introduce a bill and it is blocked, it will prolong the process.
🔶 The draft law prepared by us does not talk about banning, the project restricts LGBT propaganda to community gathering places, schools or kindergartens, squares or parks.
🔶 There have always been people of different orientations. If there will be 2% of such people in the world. In Georgia, we know quite successful, famous and prominent people who are different

They were of orientation. Therefore, the draft law does not provide for any prohibitions against them, the draft law restricts propaganda in certain locations, where their appearance is restricted for the purpose of propaganda.
🔶 The chairman of the political group believes that the ruling political power of “Georgian Dream” is true step by step, but it is still trying in every way to take the effective steps that Sakhtvelo needs today.
🔶 The deputy hopes that all the actions of the country’s government will be reasonable based on the interests of the country and people.

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