The government is primarily interested in the health of the prisoner Saakashvili – Fridon Injia

👉 The government is primarily interested in the health of the prisoner Saakashvili – Fridon Injia

🔹 “If anyone wants to keep prisoner Saakashvili healthy, first of all, it is the government. I think the government has every interest in keeping him healthy where he is. Of course, all prisoners must be protected, and the state is responsible for their health… If something happens to the prisoner Saakashvili, and the state is to blame for it, it will be a big problem for the government and a negative image – for the country as a whole,” said the member of the European Parliament political group. Fridon Injia, chairman of “Socialists”.

🔹 The deputy emphasized that if the state cannot cope with the treatment of the prisoner, in this case the state itself should turn to another country for help, in order to bring either equipment or medicines and everything that is needed for the treatment of the prisoner.

🔹 “Of course, mother and father will say, take him abroad, but here the court must show its attitude, because this is an unprecedented case for Georgia, and whatever decision it makes, it must be very well-argued, because it will be the subject of a long discussion,” the deputy noted. .

🔹As for Mikheil Saakashvili’s plans during his return to Georgia, Fridon Injia said that being in prison was not really part of his plans.

🔹”The arrest was not in his plans, maybe it was in the plans of many others, but I am 100% sure that the arrest was not in his mind. He knew that he could not be arrested. Perhaps he thought that public opinion was prepared for this, and that he was expected. “Without a plan, his arrival was out of the question, but what his plan was, it will be revealed,” said the deputy.

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