“The government should create the maximum conditions for citizens to reduce labor migration” – Fridon Injia

📍 “The government should create the maximum conditions for citizens to reduce labor migration” – Fridon Injia

The chairman of the political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia drew attention to the problems of labor migration, the need to protect the rights and interests of Georgian citizens who went to work abroad, at the meeting of the Diaspora and Caucasus Affairs Committee of the Parliament.

The Deputy Minister of IDPs from the occupied territories, Labor, Health and Social Protection and the head of the Migration Affairs Division presented a report on the challenges in terms of regulation and management of labor migration to the committee.

As Fridon Injia said, the labor inspection is not at the proper level, thousands of foreigners work in Georgia and they are not registered.

“For 30 years, we should have already gathered experience and created the necessary mechanism, even with the government’s decree that all tenders exceeding 1 million or 10 million GEL, the Labor Inspection and the Ministry should be represented there, and appropriate conditions should be put in place to guarantee control, accounting and income,” said the MP.

According to him, Georgia has concluded an agreement on labor migration only with Germany, Israel and France, but it has not concluded with the neighboring states, due to which the citizens of Georgia are absolutely vulnerable.

“I wonder what results we have achieved during this time?” For me, the result would be: protecting the rights of those who left and creating maximum conditions in Georgia to reduce labor migration rates. This would already be the result”, said Fridon Injia.

He addressed the representatives of the Ministry with an initiative and stated that for the return of even 100 successful doctors working abroad to Georgia, from the budget of the Ministry (which is 6 billion 237 million GEL), only 18 million per year will be allocated. GEL will be needed in order to offer them such an average salary as they might have abroad.

“I’m not talking about winning marks, I’m telling you from my heart and only in the interests of my country… these 18 million Help to bring the people who Georgia needs so much and who will be very useful to our people”, said Fridon Injia.

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