Until we talk to the Abkhazians directly, nothing will happen, only worrying statements will not do the job”! – Fridon injia

📍 “Until we talk to the Abkhazians directly, nothing will happen, only worrying statements will not do the job”! – Freedon is an engineer
🔴 “You, as a minister, cannot use the abilities, contacts, relations, knowledge, experience, tactics of many people that exist in relation to Abkhazia and Abkhazians. The case is zero. During these years, nothing was done to bring us closer to the Abkhazians. The center is in Abkhazia and everything is decided there, and we go around. Nothing will work until we talk to them directly. Only with resolutions, concerns, statements and funds that are implemented outside of Abkhazia, nothing will happen, the case will not move. Funding of education, health care and others, it is like a feather in the air and nothing changes”, – the chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia said about this from the parliamentary tribune, where the Minister of State for Reconciliation and Civil Equality Tea Akhvlediani, who is the country’s highest legislator, was heard. in the body
He presented a report in the “Minister’s Hour” format.
🔴 According to the MP, Abkhazians should be interested in all the successful projects that are implemented in the rest of Georgia.
🔴 “All ways can be used… what interests do they have, why don’t they come to you and prefer Russia. We have to analyze this. We must create such conditions that what is done for good in the rest of Georgia is acceptable to them as well. Are there some interests that are stopping them… it is necessary to talk. The first time, maybe it won’t work, the second time, the third time… Then, among them, people will be found who will be interested. They are our brothers, we cannot relocate them anywhere and they will be by our side. Therefore, if we do something, it should also be beneficial for them, even the port of Anaklia and others…”, said Fridon Injia.
🔴 He emphasized that it is necessary to talk with the de facto local authorities, and the Georgian side should use the constitution that was created during the time of President Zviad Gamsakhurdia.
The deputy also said that today, family ties, the Institute of Abkhaz elders and many other available opportunities are not used at all.
🔴 The chairman of “European Socialists” put forward an initiative in the Parliament of Georgia to create a relevant committee on issues of conflict settlement and integration.
🔴”There should be a committee in the parliament, not a commission, which will work on issues of regulation and integration. Japan, which, like us, is in conflict with Russia regarding territorial issues, has a minister in the cabinet who supervises various issues in the direction of Russia. It was a discovery for me”, said the MP.

🔴 According to him, the government of Georgia should clearly understand whose interests it is not to establish a dialogue between Georgians and Abkhazians.
🔴 “There are probably countries that are interested in not establishing a dialogue between us. In recent years, the US Embassy has not once made a statement regarding the dialogue with the parties, has not voiced a request to Russia, has not expressed its readiness… How long should we be so distant? You, as a minister, should take responsibility and, based on the interests of Georgia, prove to everyone who is preventing you what needs to be done. We lived together and we will live together, I am sure of that,” said Fridon Injia.
🔴 The chairman of the political group, before the hearing of Tea Akhvlediani, raised the issue of conducting the session in a closed format at the plenary session, in which the minister stated his position and noted that it would be acceptable for him to discuss and discuss in any format.
🔴 According to Fridon Injia, this was a test for the minister, how much he would show the initiative to support the issue of holding the session in a closed format.
🔴 “This was a test for the minister, whether he would show the initiative, that he was willing to discuss the issue in a closed format. But it turned out that it was all the same for the minister, because he had nothing special to talk about.
🔴 “I am making a statement to our brothers, the Abkhazians. My Abkhazians, my brothers, we are open. We have nothing to hide. As the minister said, there is nothing to hide, because nothing is being done, and I am telling this to our brothers, with whom we have a common state history, where our relatives are our dead, and this is worthy of attention and thought. – noted Fridon Injia.
🔴 According to the deputy, it would be much more acceptable and important for him, if instead of transporting the dead from Abkhazia to Tbilisi, the ministry would make it possible for them to visit the place for church holidays.
🔴 The chairman of the political group, in his speech, also drew attention to the bill of “European Socialists”, which provides for changes in the law on citizenship.
🔴 “The changes concerned those citizens whose children and grandchildren were forced to leave the country, whom the state could not protect, and at this time, according to our current legislation, we refuse them to receive Georgian citizenship, because they do not know the Georgian language,” said Fridon Injia.
🔴 The chairman of the political group expressed hope that common sense will prevail for the strength of the country and this issue will be resolved positively.

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