(Original) Vice-speaker Avtandil Enukidze - Irakliyu Garibashvili: Generations will appreciate the fact that Georgia did not engage in war during your tenure as Prime Minister


"Years will pass, and generations will positively evaluate the fact that during your tenure as the country's prime minister in this tense situation, Georgia did not engage in war. Thank you for saving the country today, not entering the war.

This was stated by the member of "European Socialists", the vice-speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, Avtandil Enukidze, during the interpellation hearings in the highest legislative body of Prime Minister Iraklia Garibashvili.

«It is absolutely correct that the sanctions were not introduced. First, that's what our country needed, and secondly, if you draw a parallel with what they say, the alleged liberation of criminals will contribute to depolarization, then the introduction of these sanctions would not contribute to the situation we have. In particular, 30 kilometers away is the Russian army, which can turn against us..."

"They blame you for visiting Asian countries... It's good that your visits are carried out in Asian countries, because we had authority in these countries, which was lost, and this authority is already being restored. If you are looking for investments to attract to the country, whether it is from Asia, Africa or any other country, let no one limit us in this. I see one thing behind it - they don't want the development of our country".

"Some people don't like attacks on ambassadors... I don't think these are attacks." If the ambassador says something that is not acceptable for my country and it is necessary to respond, it is necessary to do it. If we deal with a misunderstanding, it will also be clarified", Avtandil Enukidze said.

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