(Original) "High-tech enterprises, created by young scientists, should be exempted from taxes for 3 years" — new initiative of Fridona Indzhiya


In Georgia, it is necessary to secure the young generation of scientists and intellectual capital, for this it is necessary to exempt from taxes the enterprises created on the basis of modern technologies.

The head of "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhiya spoke with this initiative at the plenary session of the Parliament.

«Enterprises based on modern technologies, created by young scientists, must be exempted from taxes for 3 years. "Educated youth will not leave the country and will create enterprises here, there will be no outflow of intellectual capital from Georgia," said Fridon Indzhiya.

According to him, modern high technologies created by young scientists, and enterprises equipped on their basis, can be implemented in many spheres, including agriculture and industry.

"If these projects are supported and approved by the Ministry of Economy, it will attract more investments to Georgia", - noted the chairman of "European Socialists".

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