(Original) "European Socialists" discussed the parameters of the state budget project for 2023 with the Deputy Minister of Finance


The head of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhiya and representatives of the political group discussed the main parameters of the draft law on the state budget of Georgia for 2023 with Deputy Minister of Finance Georgi Kakauridze.

The deputy minister presented macroeconomic forecasts and forecasts of economic growth, told about the amount of funds allocated to state bodies, as well as programs and projects to which the allocated funds will be directed.

"We believe that the financing of the Ministry of Education and Science should be increased more than planned. In the budget, funds should be allocated for the development of science. Science should develop, and for this, the support of the state is needed. We also believe that the financing of the Ministry of Agriculture should be increased, and more investments should be made there than specified today. We have an initiative to create a state-owned investment commercial bank that will finance various programs. This will be a kind of social program aimed at the well-being of the population," said the chairman of the parliamentary political group Fridon Indzhiya.

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