(Original) "Dear, how do the MVD co-workers work today, how do they treat it, what do they treat it?" - Avtandil Enukidze


Vice-speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, a member of the opposition parliamentary political group "European Socialists", Avtandil Enukidze, during the hearing in the Supreme Legislative Body of the Minister of Internal Affairs Vakhtang Gomelauri, said that police officers have to endure insults from some radical political forces.

According to him, everyone should realize that behind every policeman there is a family, and offensive actions against employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are categorically unacceptable.

"I am shocked, how are the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs working today, how do they tolerate what they tolerate?" But what I see here today is impossible to bear... In the war, a man went to his death and, at the same time, he was not afraid that a woman would jump out of nowhere and throw something in his face... He is also a man, and we all must take this into account. Someone should say about it from the tribune so that people could hear it, and it didn't happen again," said Avtandil Enukidze.

The vice-speaker of the Parliament emphasized that the policemen really deserve a salary increase and the payment of bonuses, and this is a deficiency of the government.

"There are rumors that some of the former members of your government embezzled a lot of money. Верните эти деньги и дайте их их производительного производительного вами и сайтый жизнями. I would have done it. "I'm not the kind of person to name specific names for effect, but you understand who I'm talking about," Enukidze said and emphasized that he's known the Minister of Internal Affairs Vakhtang Gomelauri for a long time and knows that he's really a decent person.

As for the general situation in the world, according to the vice-speaker, what is happening in Ukraine is aggression, and those who carry out aggression are aggressors.

 "I declare publicly that aggression is taking place in Ukraine. Whoever carries out the aggression is the aggressor, but there is another moment – do we want the government to take such steps that will have serious consequences for Georgia? I'm not afraid of anyone, I'm a witness to everything that's happening. Напьется какой оз офисиров, и никто не знеет что натворит. Another moment - didn't you think that Russia would do what it is doing now in Ukraine? Если в чьем то мобильный было дроге очебание, прописте, бо вы вы программы, вы программы не программы выставление систояние. I waited for this, many waited... Why are you surprised at what is happening now, and if the government is taking a cautious position, and your parties could not agree with each other, does this mean that the government is going against the will of the people", - said the vice-speaker, addressing the radical part of the opposition, and, At the same time, he emphasized that accurate assessment and analysis of events is necessary.

🔹 "I am addressing the part of the population of Georgia that wants to aggravate the situation with Russia. It is necessary to participate in all this, or it will be too late... Stop presenting the situation as if someone is more patriotic than another... Everyone has their own love and understanding. "Georgia is facing a big danger, and if the government handles the situation in such a way that we will not be dragged into the disaster, it will also be a great achievement," the deputy noted.

Avtandil Enukidze said that the enemy of Georgia is the one who brings misfortune on her, and one should not forget that double standards are operating in the world today.   

"I have great respect for the Ukrainian people, and tears well up when I look at this tragedy and the children... But why did we forget what happened recently in Afghanistan?" Hundreds and thousands of times more people have been killed, and why has no one raised this question here? Because it's not popular and politically incorrect... But otherwise it turns out that those people are not people, what are they?», Avtandil Enukidze said.

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