I'm still amazed at how the Ministry of the Interior works today. How do they put up with what they put up with? - Avtandil Enukidze

📍 Avtandil Enukidze, Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, a member of the Parliamentary Political Group "European Socialists", praised the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from the rostrum of the highest legislative body and also focused on the current situation in the world.

🔹 The Minister of Internal Affairs Vakhtang Gomelauri was heard in the format of the "Minister Hour" in the Parliament of Georgia.

🔹 "I am surprised how the Ministry of Internal Affairs still works today. How do they put up with what they put up with? … I can not physically imagine this. The Tbilisi war passed before my eyes, the war in Abkhazia passed before my eyes, everything in the Tskhinvali region passed before my eyes. This is something I look forward to here. The man was going for a bullet and was not afraid that someone would jump out of the woman and throw something in his eyes. They were shooting there, he was also shooting ვერ Can't he shoot here? He is also a human being and we should all take this into account. Someone should say this from this tribune or from another tribune and the population will hear it so that it will not be repeated a second time, ”said Avtandil Enukidze.

🔹 He said that everyone should be aware that the family is behind every police officer and that abusive actions by certain forces against them are categorically inadmissible.

🔹 "That man must go home, he must enter the family. If you enter the house that day and something is stuck in your face, what should you tell your children? . Nobody thinks about it here. Therefore, great care is needed when making such assessments, "Enukidze said.

🔹 As for the assessment of the activities of the Minister of Internal Affairs Vakhtang Gomelauri, according to Avtandil Enukidze, Gomelauri is a really decent person and it is appreciated by everyone. "I have known Mr. Vakhtang for a long time and he is a really decent man.

🔹 The Vice-Speaker of Parliament focused on the issue of increasing salaries for police officers and noted that police officers really deserve both salary increases as well as bonus incentives and low salaries, this is a shortcoming of the government.

🔹 "Money is spent on things that I see, and this is a shortcoming of the government. Some of the previous members of your government are rumored to have taken a lot of money. Return the money to them and distribute it to the policemen who stand by you and sacrifice their lives. I would do that. I'm not the man to create effects here and name names, but you also understand who I'm talking about, "Enukidze said.

🔹 As for the general situation in the world, according to Avtandil Enukidze, what is happening in Ukraine is aggression and those who carry out aggression are aggressors.

🔹 "As for the general situation now, I loudly declare that aggression is taking place in Ukraine. Whoever is carrying out the aggression is the aggressor, but there is another thing - do you want our government to do something now to make something happen here tomorrow? I do not scare anyone. Now you are baptizing those who come out intimidating არ I am not even intimidated I am a witness to what is happening. Count one officer and what a man will do not know. And secondly, did you not expect what Russia did there? If there was any other expectation in someone's brain, forgive me, but you do not seem to appreciate the situation. "Many were waiting for it .. I was expecting it .. everyone was waiting… What are you complaining about that happened and if our government takes a cautious stance and you can not come to terms with each other as a party, does that mean you want it or not it goes against the people." - Enukidze noted.

🔹 The Vice-Speaker of the Parliament addressed the population of Georgia from the parliamentary tribune and noted that an accurate assessment and analysis of the events is needed.

🔹 "I appeal to the people of Georgia who demand tensions with Russia. Let the population take into account that everything that happens to you will be caused by this. I declare directly with full responsibility - leave it to yourself to let someone annoy someone. I repeat once again for the journalists to hear that they do not address it in any other way - I say for the sake of it… not for the sake of them .. they will do it and then it will be too late. Let go of yourself as if someone is more patriotic than anyone. Nor am I more than a patriot to anyone. "Everyone has their love and appreciation," Enukidze said.

According to the vice-speaker, Georgia is in great danger, and if the government manages to "do not do anything wrong and do not get us into trouble, it will be a great victory."

🔹 "It is not right to slip it on the neck of the Minister of Internal Affairs now. This man can not say today and neither should he say, but I say. I am not going to be a big politician and I am not afraid of the future, but the enemy for my country will be the one who will bring me trouble. "And it will be Russia or not," Enukidze said. He said we should not forget the fact that today is a double standard.

🔹 "I have the greatest respect for the Ukrainian people. I still cry when I look at those children. Because I too am a carrier of personal misfortune. But why did we forget recently what happened in Afghanistan? Hundreds and thousands of times more people were killed, did anyone vote? Why not raise this issue here? But it does not want to, because it is not popular. Isn't it politically good now… aren't those people people? This is the case, "Avtandil Enukidze said.

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