The government of Georgia should immediately take effective steps to improve the socio-economic situation in the country - "European Socialists"

The political party "European Socialists" appeals to the government to take effective steps in the near future to improve the difficult economic and social situation caused by the pandemic in the country.

"Georgia's population will find itself in the most difficult situation from the socio-economic point of view in the spring, if the government does not take effective steps to correct the situation. We believe that from February 1, the government should immediately open the borders and all means of transport. Among them, including air traffic, and all foreigners, all those who wish should be allowed to come to Georgia, of course, in full compliance with all international recommendations related to "Covid-19".

The members of the political council of the party believe that the representatives of small and medium businesses in Georgia should be given the opportunity to conduct their activities in compliance with all existing recommendations, and the state, in turn, should support and provide tax incentives for at least three months to the representatives of small and medium businesses both in the capital and in Georgia. scale.

"European socialists" believe that today's banking policy in relation to credit rates is the most difficult for the population of Georgia, and this is the reason for their extremely difficult economic situation. In this regard, the government should make serious changes at the legislative level.

"Today's banking policy in relation to credit rates is the hardest for the population of Georgia. Even more so, taking into account the current situation caused by the global pandemic. We believe that it is necessary and inevitable to carry out changes at the legislative level, which will give the population of Georgia the opportunity to use cheap and accessible credits for the development of their own small or medium-sized businesses. Banking rates should be liberalized to the maximum and it should be based on international and European practice.

The party believes that the National Bank of Georgia, together with the banking sector, should revise the percentage limit of the banks' annual profit.

"Loans and credit resources raised by banks, loans issued should be based on international norms and their annual profit should not exceed the limit. For example, if the bank takes a loan for 6%, the interest rate of the given loan should not exceed 7.4%. Moreover, if we take into account the current situation, which is caused by the pandemic, the government and the banking sector should offer similar preferential conditions to the population at least until the end of the pandemic" - it is mentioned in the statement.

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