Fridon Injia's questions to Irakli Gharibashvili.

📍 Fridon Injia’s questions to Irakli Gharibashvili.
🔻 Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili presented the annual report to the country’s legislative body.
🔻 The need to adopt the law of defamation and insult;
🔻 Amendments to the Law on Assemblies and Demonstrations, which refers to the restriction of LGBT propaganda in certain locations;
🔶 These are the questions that Fridon Injia asked Irakli Gharibashvili, and he also emphasized that the “European Socialists” political group has prepared a package of draft laws regarding these issues, which needs the support of the “Georgian Dream” political team. These are the issues that were voiced by the public at the gathering of many thousands on April 30. An issue that may reduce polarization.
🔶 The chairman of the political group called on the Prime Minister to take effective steps regarding these issues, especially if we take into account that recently, on the basis of slander and insults, there has been physical retribution against certain persons.
🔶 Fridon Injia appealed to the Prime Minister of the country about the need to carry out rehabilitation works on the Lebardi road.
According to the deputy, “Lebarde” is the only holiday resort in Samegrelo region with its unique nature.
🔶 “The project has been approved. Some part of the road has been rehabilitated, but despite this, things have not moved for 2 years. It is clear that the project was not included in the 2023 budget, but it is requested that the implementation of the rehabilitation works of “Lebard” road be taken into account in the state budget of 2024″. – noted the deputy.
🔶 In his speech, the chairman of the political group responded to the government’s new initiative on the construction plan of the international airport in Vazyan and expressed hope that at least 51% of the new airport will be owned by the state.

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