"Without restoration of territorial integrity of the country, there will be no development of the country". -. Fridon Injia

📍”Without restoration of territorial integrity of the country, there will be no development of the country”.This was announced by the head of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia at a meeting with the British parliamentary delegation in the highest legislative body.

🔷 Great British parliamentary delegation is visiting Georgia under the leadership of Jonathan Janogli, who represents the inter-party friendship group on Georgian issues in the British Parliament.

🔷 At the meeting, Freedongia drew attention to the policy pursued by Great Britain in the last ten years, which was mainly based on the country and state interests.

🔷”It’s not the first time we’ve met and it’s very nice to meet you. You represent a country that had half the world at its disposal about 100 years ago. An interesting and important circumstance, which occupies the first place in the interests of the world. I remember 1988, the Falkland Islands, is not close, which is considered the territorial integrity of your country, while the year here, Argentina’s attempt failed and you were able to get back the said islands.

🔷 This was one of the characteristic principled examples, where Britain, as a state, took a state approach along with the total territorial integrity of the country. – Fridon Injia told me.

🔷 Detat also emphasized that the decision of Great Britain’s authority on the ranks of the European Union, which leaves its place, was also dictated by the interests of the country.

🔷 The leader of the political group believes that joining the European Union is important for the country to be better, otherwise, the membership of the European Union should be timely, but continue in the future, for the country.

🔷 “Today, Georgia aspires to become a member of the European Union, and we hope to achieve the level of development that your state has set as examples of how to develop. Whether we will succeed or not, this second proposal, but we will enter the European Union on time and not after ten years, what examples are there in relation to other countries that have been at the forefront for ten years. In 10-20 years, we may develop to the point where we will no longer want to join the EU, just as you will no longer want to join the EU.” – Fridon Injia addressed the delegation.

🔷 The chairman of the political group, first and foremost for Georgia is the restoration of territorial integrity in the country. Without which, the development and progress of the country cannot be complete and complete. To decide, the main state should find the right way to put effective reasons in the perspective of this solution.

🔷 “I am sitting in your time as the central party of the “European Socialists”. We are a leftist political force and we are dissatisfied as it is in our interests

.🔷 To judge pragmatically based on the interests of the country, I believe that without the restoration of territorial integrity, there will be no creation of the country. Today you, as a great power, support Ukraine. We also support Ukraine on all sides, but not as much as you. You declared a free war with Russia in principle. Because they are at war in Ukraine, you have weapons, your instructors work there, your volunteers are there. Sanctions full information. But the question is, what do we choose, do we also go to war with Russia?! … For example, we went to war in 2008, but we lost 22% of the country’s territory, and today, based on the interests of our country, we will have a war, just like you are at war with Russia?! Whatever you suggest, we can get advice from you. Shall we fight like you, if we take over Russia?!” – noted Fridon Inji at the meeting.

🔷 The members of the British parliamentary delegation listened to the statements and questions of the chairman of the political group, however, their other important answers were not heard at the meeting.

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