Fredon Injia Speech on Banning LGBT Propaganda – General Public Debate

🔴Chairman of the parliamentary political group “European Socialists” Fridon Injia participates in the public discussion of the drafts of the Georgian constitutional law “On Amendments to the Constitution of Georgia” and “On Family Values and Protection of Minors”, which started from Western Georgia, namely Kutaisi.

🔷On April 22, the first meeting of the organizing commission was held with the residents in the theater named after Lado Meskhisvili in Kutaisi, where the meeting was held in a question-and-answer mode.

🔷“As the chairman of the opposition political party “European Socialists”, I would like to point out that our party was the first to recognize the 2020 parliamentary elections and for about 5-6 months was the only political force that participated in the work of the legislative body.

🔷 I would like to emphasize that the 2020 elections were conducted in a completely transparent manner and there were no violations in the previous parliamentary elections that could have any impact on the election results.

🔷As the chairman of the opposition party, I do not think that as an opposition party, you should necessarily be against the government, or against the good things that the current government is doing.

🔷Of course, there are issues where I have my say and I have an argument for a different opinion on how to solve this or that problem.” – noted the deputy.

🔷The chairman of the political group offered his own proposal to the representatives of the ruling party to replace the word family values in the title of the bill with the word – Georgian values.

🔷“I am taking this opportunity because this issue is being discussed by the general public, which is becoming more and more relevant in the world, and especially in such a traditional country as Georgia.

🔷Therefore, the record that the ruling party offered to the population of Georgia, namely, about family values, here I would write Georgian values instead of family values.

🔷why – Every family in every country has its own values, and in some countries their values are completely unacceptable to us. That’s why I suggest to replace the word family values with the word “Georgian values” and this includes the family, traditions, and the power that is in everyone’s soul, which has saved Georgia for centuries.

🔷There were empires that destroyed states, but Georgia survived and will be a Georgian state as long as the earth rotates. – Fridon Injia said in his speech.

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