(Original) In connection with the danger of nuclear war, I urge the government to develop a special plan that will ensure the protection of our citizens - Fridon Indzhiya


  • The chairman of the political group "European Socialists" of the Parliament of Georgia, Fridon Indzhiya, calls on the government to develop a special state plan that will ensure the protection of the country's citizens in the event of the use of nuclear weapons.
  • «Today in the world is a very dangerous situation. The situation in the European part is especially difficult, and every day it becomes more and more complicated. Nuclear war is not excluded. The world is moving more actively in this direction every day.  
  • Therefore, I use the opportunity and urge our government to be ready for complications. A special plan must be drawn up immediately, in which the responsibilities of each ministry or minister will be specifically designated. No collective responsibility. Collective responsibility personally for me is unacceptable. Every minister must take his direction under personal control", - said Fridon Indzhiya in an interview with the author's program "Post Analytika".
  • According to the deputy, first of all, energy is important, in particular, uninterrupted electricity and gas supply of the country, as well as food supplies.

🔶 The chairman of the political group drew attention to the inactive position of the European population in political processes.

🔶 "I have to say that the population of European countries is not as politicized as the population of Georgia, where everyone is interested in politics. The population of European countries basically trusts their government, and today there are leaders in the governments whose activities can be recognized as extremely extremist. For example, let's take Kubilyus (EU MP Andryus Kubilyus), if he had more power, he would definitely use nuclear weapons.

🔶 Therefore, our government already had to draw up a plan in which the actions of all members of the government will be planned from the first minute that this happens. This is what my country needs to survive. Unfortunately, the danger of nuclear war in the world increases every day. No step was taken to stabilize the situation. There was no talk of negotiations or peace initiatives. On the contrary, with every day more and more lives are sacrificed to these processes", - noted Fridon Indzhiya.

  • Speaking about the importance of Georgia's participation in international energy projects, Fridon Indzhiya emphasized that the most important of the various economic projects is the Middle Corridor project, which is needed by China and other Asian countries to connect with Europe. At the same time, Europe needs energy resources that are in Asia.
  • "The government of the country must work and do everything so that the Middle Corridor project becomes a reality." I think that taking into account energy projects, Europe's interest in Georgia will increase. However, there are countries that can go against it, because this is a very beneficial and saving project for our country. As for the Anakliya project, which, in my opinion, is a complex project, it is necessary to discuss it. I am still skeptical about it, because the development of the Anaklia project is connected with railways, cargo and countries that have to load cargo. It will be Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan or China. Without the participation of these three countries, the construction of the 51% port of Anaklia should be in the hands of the state, and in principle, this is what the government declared, and this can only be welcomed", - noted Fridon Indzhiya.
  • Speaking about his initiative to investigate the events and decisions of the former government of Georgia, which preceded the August war of 2008, Deputy Indzhiya said that anyone who acts in the interests of another country is a traitor.
  • "A person working in the interests of another country does not matter to me, whether it is a western country or a northern country, both are enemies of my country." Therefore, if the investigation commission is formed, answers and explanations will be given to these questions. What happened in August 2008 was not a matter of one day.
  • I think that the August war has been planned for a long time. And what preceded it, and who was its executor? These were traitor countries, ideologized and, of course, primarily based on their interests.
  • I think that the loss of 20% territory of Georgia was deliberate and planned.
  • I'm almost sure on 80% that this was a three-way transaction. In particular, the agreement between the governments of Russia, the West and Georgia.
  •  This would not have been without the Georgian government, this would not have been without the passivity of the West, and this would not have been without the actions of Russia, which it has undertaken on the territory of Georgia, the results of which we can all see.
  •  It is necessary to determine who and what role played in this process. Could you escape the war? - said Fridon Indzhiya.

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