(Original) "Are you ready to go with me to Sukhumi..." - Fridon Indzhiya to the State Minister for Reconciliation and Civil Equality


"Are you ready to go with me to Sukhumi? We will go directly and communicate with our neighbors, our brothers on our common land... and do you need the approval of the American embassy for this?"

 With this question, the chairman of the parliamentary political group "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhiya turned to the state minister for reconciliation and civil equality Tei Akhvlediani, who presented a report to the Parliament within the framework of the minister's listening format provided by the regulation.   

«I have a list, and I choose people who are ready, and they accepted this proposal with enthusiasm. It is important that they allow you to do this. You didn't answer my question", said the deputy, asking questions to the minister.

🔹 Are there any countries that are not interested in our reconciliation with the Abkhazians? And if yes, then why is it not in their interests?

🔹 Why does the de facto government of Abkhazia refuse to contact us?

🔹 Have you ever tried to negotiate directly - one on one?

🔹 Is reconciliation possible without dialogue?

🔹 Can you tell the de facto authorities of Abkhazia that you are talking to them as an autonomous republic, as it was defined by the Constitution in the first half of 1992. As for the later period, when they proclaimed independence, this is another topic of discussion.

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