(Original) When Georgia takes a worthy place in Transcaucasia, then Europe will make a political decision about its membership in the EU - Fridon Indzhiya


When Georgia takes a worthy place that belongs to it in Transcaucasia, and if an epoch-making mega-project will be implemented, which will ensure the transit of energy sources to Europe via the Black Sea, then maybe the European Union will make a political decision about Georgia's accession to the EU.

This was stated by the chairman of the political group "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhiya at the plenary session of the Parliament, where the deputies listened to the Prime Minister of the country Iraklia Garibashvili in the order of interpellation.

As the deputy noted, the refusal to grant Georgia the EU candidate status was a political decision, and a similar political decision is necessary for the country's entry into the EU.

"What is happening here today is all secondary and not necessary for the state." This is done for the purpose of assigning responsibility to you personally and to the government... Based on the interests of Georgia, finally we want to join the European Union. This will be the same political decision as was adopted in the Baltic countries. What we have today, and what you have achieved in these years, including economic progress, is an indicator of everything. Continue in the same spirit, and a political decision will be made to accept Georgia into the EU. When Georgia takes the place in Transcaucasia that belongs to it, and if the epoch-making megaproject initiated by you, which provides for the transit of energy carriers on the Black Sea, will be implemented, it will be a big victory, and then the European commissioners will first come to Georgia, and then to Azerbaijan," he said. Fridon Indzhiya.

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