(Original) Turn your face to the people and the interests of our state – Fridon Indzhiya to the parliamentary majority


  • The head of "European Socialists", deputy Fridon Indzhiya, at the plenary session of the Parliament of Georgia, where they listened to the report of the Speaker of the Parliament for 2022, addressed the ruling majority and called for the adoption of laws that are exclusively in the interests of Georgia and the Georgian people.  
  • According to the deputy, a lot of work was done in the Parliament last year, up to 300 laws were adopted, but there is not one among them that would change life for the better for the majority of the country's citizens.
  • "Among the adopted laws, I did not see a single law that, for example, would have given an incentive to better life for our citizens in some high-mountain village of Georgia or would have changed the lives of people living in the city or working in the markets..." - said Fridon Инджия.
  • According to his words, among the members of the Parliament there are many highly qualified lawyers, economists, financiers, doctors, sportsmen, and they spent most of their time last year on «t.n. "Constitution of Charles Michel"
  • "If we look into our hearts, we recognize that the status of a candidate for membership in the EU does not give us anything. Moreover, I will say that if we need the EU and NATO, and it will be in their interests, they will accept us. And if not, then whatever we don't do, they still won't accept, and I have no hope for that. Исполнение задания из 12 панцион сегодня не кому не не не не недвижимость, the country needs economic profit. It is important that double-digit economic growth was greater. Вы сейчас идете по тонкой черный, и дай Бог очь выдержили это представление. Many people want to be hungry again and with an outstretched hand. I remember the terrible period when there was no bread in Georgia, and the then vice-premier asked President Aliyev so that the grain that should have entered the Port of Poti for Azerbaijan would be given to Georgia for two months. Yes, there was such a time in Georgia, now it's another time, and why should we go back again? I think, что нет!", Fridon Indzhiya said.
  • The deputy emphasized that in 12 points of the requirements of the European Commission, the question of protection of rights and interests of vulnerable groups of society was included.
  • «Здесь записано то, в чем заинтересованы определенные круги, чтобы страна обрушилась.  Если у нас не будет идеологии, основанной на любви к родине, нашей истории и традициях, то не будет и будущего. Поверьте, что именно этот хребет спасал Грузию по сей день. Вековые империи рушились, от некоторых и следа не осталось, но Грузия была и, по божьему благословению, верю, и впредь будет. Повернитесь лицом к людям и интересам страны. Необходимо, чтобы законы принимались исходя из интересов населения и страны», – подчеркнул депутат Инджия.
  • He noted that before the highest legislative body, he voices the expectations of ordinary citizens.
  • "As an ordinary voter, I expect that the Parliament will pass a law that will make my life easier.
  • As a mother with many children, I am waiting for the adoption of a law that will help families with many children. Or I want to have a fourth child in my family, and I expect that the Parliament will pass a law that will give a kind of incentive to take on the responsibility of raising one more child for the country. For example, a family with many children should receive additional housing and many other things.
  • As a parent of a schoolboy, I want my child to receive a quality education at school, which will allow him to enter universities both in Georgia and abroad without additional tutors. Therefore, I am waiting for a law that will facilitate this.
  •  As a voter, I am waiting for a law that obliges the government to limit the growth of prices and regulate the prices of products and energy sources.
  • I am waiting for a law that provides benefits for young people who have served in the military, which will be provided after returning from the army, for example, work or study. This will be a big incentive.
  • Or I'm waiting for a law that gives me the opportunity, as a consumer, to choose a company for electricity, gas and water supply, as it is customary in Europe, and we want to adopt a good experience from Europe...
  • Or we will take the question of our compatriots who are scattered around the world. I want the Parliament to adopt a law that will push them to think about returning to their homeland. An example for me is Israel and its government, which gathers and unites its citizens around the world. Look at the level of their science, or the army, and the order in the state. Страна, где, как и у нас было 3-4 mln. population, and now 7-8 million, and Israel is one of those countries whose opinion is considered in the whole world. We have to take good experience from both Israel and China. Europe should not become a dogma. I want integration in Europe so that my country and my family would be provided with the goods that our people so dream of", - stressed Fridon Indzhiya, noting that there are a number of laws such as laws on slander, insults, hooliganism in direct Ethers, betrayal or betrayal of the family, allowing the state to be more protected.       
  •  At the same time, the head of "European Socialists" touched on the draft law "On deoligarhization" and noted that this law will not contribute to the attraction of rich compatriots to Georgia.    
  • «In any successful European country there is a similar law? "If a person earns money legally, it is his right and his business," said the deputy.
  • He also took the initiative to introduce a certain quota for the parliamentary opposition on the adoption of laws, which will allow the minority to introduce projects that will actually be adopted.   

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