(Original) "The government should create the necessary conditions for its citizens as much as possible in order to reduce labor migration from Georgia" — Fridon Indzhiya


"It is important that the government of Georgia creates the necessary conditions for its citizens as much as possible, with the goal of reducing labor migration from the country," said the chairman of the political group "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhiya at the meeting of the parliamentary committee on issues of the Georgian diaspora and the Caucasus.
The head of "European Socialists" drew attention to the problems of labor migration, the need to protect the rights and interests of Georgian citizens who went to work abroad.

The Parliamentary committee listened to the report of the deputy minister of refugee affairs from the occupied territories, labor, health care and social protection, as well as the head of the migration affairs department, which deals with problems in the sphere of regulation and management of labor migration.

According to MP Fridon Indzhii, the labor inspection is not at the proper level, as thousands of unregistered foreigners work in Georgia.

"For 30 years, we already had to gain experience and create the necessary mechanism. This question could be solved even by the government's decree on all tenders exceeding 1 million. or 10 million lari, the labor inspectorate and the ministry were connected, and the relevant conditions were introduced to guarantee control, accounting and revenue," the deputy noted.

At the same time, he emphasized that Georgia signed agreements on labor migration only with Germany, Israel and France, but there are no such agreements with neighboring states, and for this reason, citizens of Georgia are absolutely vulnerable in these countries.

"Interestingly, what results have we achieved during this time?" For me, indicators of positive results would be: protection of the rights of those who left and creation of maximum conditions in Georgia to reduce the level of labor migration", - noted Fridon Indzhiya.
Addressing the representatives of the ministry with the initiative, the deputy stated that in order to return to Georgia at least 100 successful doctors working abroad, from the budget of the ministry (which is 6 billion 237 million GEL) it is necessary to allocate only 18 million GEL per year in order to offer them such And the average salary that they could get abroad.

"I'm not talking with hints and I'm not throwing a stone in your garden, I'm speaking from the bottom of my heart and only in the interests of my country... Use these 18 million to return professionals to Georgia, who are so necessary to our country and our people", - Fridon Indzhiya said.

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