(Original) Fridon Indzhiya evaluated the activity of Georgian diplomatic missions in Turkey and Russia


📍 At the first plenary session of the spring session of the Parliament of Georgia, the head of the political group "European Socialists" Fridon Indzhiya expressed his condolences to Turkey over the tragedy caused by the strong earthquake.

📍 The deputy thanked the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Georgia to Turkey, Georgi Dzhandjhav for the work done, which, according to Fridon Indzhii, is exemplary, and the ambassador worthy represents tens of thousands of Georgians working in Turkey, supporting them both in grief and joy.

🔸 "Ambassador Georgy Dzandzhava conducts various cultural events and business meetings in Turkey, acts on behalf of Georgia and is a link between our government and the government of Turkey. He supports the Georgian diaspora in Turkey, and his work is truly exemplary," Fridon Indzhiya said.

🔸 After this, the deputy drew a parallel with the activities of the head of the Georgian Interests Section of the Swiss Embassy in the Russian Federation, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Envoy Georgi Kadzhai and the Consul Sozar Quinchi, who, according to him, are not fulfilling their duties.      

🔸 "There are up to a million Georgians living in the Russian Federation, who contribute a great deal to the development of the Georgian economy. Руководство Секции интересов Грузии must have the desire to help our compatriots and support them. But vice versa. It is impossible to call them, and if you call them and arrange a meeting, they can insult you. Я не знаю, для чего они там... Probably, they perform some tasks, but it's not clear what they are," said the deputy.

🔸 "The leadership of the Section of Interests of Georgia should be a bridge between our compatriots living in Russia, who have more than a million relatives living here in Georgia. They should help our diaspora, but this is like a separate kingdom. Nobody controls their activities, they do whatever they want... The government doesn't go there, we don't have diplomatic relations with Russia. In fact, the Georgian diaspora and its leader David Tsetskhladze, who gathered our diaspora all over Russia, held two congresses, organizes concerts, exhibitions and does truly Georgian work, perform the duties of the leadership of the Section of Interests of Georgia today. Today he really performs the duties of consulship and representative office of Georgia in Russia", - stressed Fridon Indzhiya.  

🔸 The deputy believes that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia should be interested in the activities of the Section of Interests of Georgia in the Russian Federation.

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