???? The members of the political party "European Socialists" appeal to the Georgian government and the ruling party to enact the relevant legislative norms, according to which there will be an adequate response to the facts of baseless accusations, slander or personal insults against the person.
???? "In today's reality, there is a sad and vicious practice, according to which administrative fines are practically useless and bring nothing. In Georgian society, swearing, personal insults, and slander have become commonplace, and no adequate administrative sanctions have been imposed by law enforcement agencies. The court is limited to issuing fines and the court's decision is made automatically, as if the judges there are not robots, but robots, "the party said in a statement.
???? There is an impression that the judiciary and certain political opposition forces are acting in concert, because the existing financial sanctions, which are used to punish the offender, are not an adequate form of this punishment and are completely ineffective.
???? "According to the established practice today, a person who commits abusive acts, or makes such defamatory statements, represents a political party or organization and performs a specific task. "Accordingly, the fine is paid by the specific political party to which it is a member," the statement said.
???? Members of the Party of European Socialists call on the law enforcement agencies, as well as the authorities, to take adequate and effective measures to restore justice to the rule of law.

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