Fridon Injia - we need such bills that will change the process of migration from our country in favor of Georgia

📍 Fridon Injia - we need such bills that will change the process of migration from our country in favor of Georgia

🔶 "There should be drafts of laws that will change the process of migration from Georgia in our favor, will give an incentive to the Georgian diaspora to invest capital in strengthening the economy of Georgia, and will also stimulate the private sector of Georgia to attract the qualified personnel they need from the Georgian diaspora."

🔶 The chairman of the political group "European Socialists" Fridon Injia spoke about these issues at the meeting of the Diaspora and Caucasus Affairs Committee of the Parliament of Georgia, where they discussed and supported the creation of a thematic research group for the purpose of promoting the involvement of the Georgian diaspora in the development of Georgia and attracting sustainable capital.

🔶 "From this study, we expect that the committee will have a well-founded, solid basis for preparing such bills that will encourage our compatriots living abroad to come and attract the capital accumulated there to Georgia. We should develop such bills that will change migration in our favor. This means that in this research there should be argumentation, factors, examples of different countries should be studied", said Fridon Injia.

🔶 At the same time, the deputy drew attention to the possibility of employment of foreign-educated personnel in the private sector of Georgia.

🔶 "If we manage to employ personnel here in the private sector who received education abroad, then it can be said that we have spoken our word. This process should be supported by a legislative framework that will encourage the private sector to employ and facilitate the return of our compatriots to Georgia," Fridon Injia emphasized.

🔶 At the committee meeting, the deputy also raised the issue of the necessity and importance of simplifying the procedures for obtaining Georgian citizenship for emigrants who left Georgia.

🔶 According to him, there are many people who left Georgia years ago due to various objective reasons and are now unable to obtain citizenship.

🔶 As an example of this, Fridon Injia made the members of the committee listen to a video address by one of his compatriots living in Moscow, Irina Joglidze, addressed to the Parliament of Georgia, the Prime Minister, the President and the members of the government, in which the emigrant speaks personally about the efforts made by him and his late wife over the years for the Georgian state and in Russia. About the services rendered to the Georgian community. As the emigrant points out, he was denied the citizenship of Georgia in an exceptional manner, which makes him doubt the objectivity and competence of the members of the citizenship issues commission.

🔶 Beka Odisharia, the chairperson of the Diaspora and Caucasus Affairs Committee of the Parliament, said in response that she personally receives many similar cases, although there are certain reasons why the commission rejects this or that application.

🔶 The chairman of the committee Fridon Injia promised to discuss this specific case in working mode.

🔶 At the same time, Fridon Injia drew attention to the needs of the Georgian diaspora in the Russian Federation, which, according to him, should be considered by the Parliamentary Committee on Diaspora and Caucasus issues according to the annual plan.

🔶 "These days, days of the Georgian diaspora are held in the Russian Federation, and our community always manages to present itself at a very dignified and high level. It would be good if we invite those Georgians to certain events in Georgia.

🔶 There was a time when many people did not enter their Georgian nationality in the questionnaire because of embarrassment... However, today the situation has changed in the Russian Federation, due to the fact that one person appeared there - Davit Tsetskhladze, who united our compatriots there and leads them," said Fridon Injia.

🔶 According to him, there may be 400-500 thousand of our compatriots in Moscow alone.

🔶 "There are 90 regions in Russia. Imagine, 1,000 to 10,000 of our compatriots live in these regions with their families. Only 2,000 people go to Diaspora concerts, they also have family members. About a million of our compatriots live there. Many say only up to 100,000, but how can it be up to 100,000, when 200-300,000 of our compatriots went there from Abkhazia alone, during the conflict," MP Injia said.

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