Fridon Injia believes that it is too early to adopt a resolution on the events in Ukraine

დFridon Injia believes that it is too early to adopt a resolution on the events in Ukraine.

რი The Chairman of the Parliamentary Political Group "European Socialists" Fridon Injia, while discussing the draft resolution on Ukraine at the first plenary session of the spring session of the Supreme Legislature, once again called on MPs not to rush to adopt a document that could be detrimental to Georgia.

. "We believe that this resolution is premature. I urge you again to wait and see how things turn out. Let us not run in front of the steam locomotive, so as not to harm our country. I care about my country, that there is no war here, and we are not in those cartels. Negotiations begin this week in which we will not take part, and no one will take us. Unfortunately, neither Ukraine will participate. "If there is a possibility, we would say our word, and maybe someone would do something for our good," said Fridon Injia.

🔷 He said that it is very important that everyone sitting in the Parliament Hall supports the unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine, however, in some statements about the unacceptability of the war in Ukraine, he doubts it.

. "Of course, we must support Ukraine, but we must put the interests of our country much higher. One country that has been supported by the resolution, and we do not yet know what is in the text, is Poland, other countries are still refraining, why? Because it does not depend on them, especially on us, two states are crucial - the US and the Russian Federation. Even the Republic of China refrained from making statements and stepped aside. The issue of Ukraine will be discussed at the UN only in 18 days, almost after the end of the Olympics. "All this matters," the MP said.

🔷 He said why should some people involve Georgia in this big fight when the US has expressed readiness for negotiations, which was preceded by a closed letter addressed to Russia.

👉 „If the discussion is e.g. Some compromises have to be made on both sides. What could be the US compromise? It remains to be seen whether Ukraine will be the first or we? The case is very serious, important things can be resolved in these 1-2 months. How they will end the negotiations, and what the outcome will be, trust me, we will not ask anyone about that. Therefore, we will not open our eyes in advance and we will not start shouting at Vasha-Vasha, ”said Fridon Injia.

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